Reasons for seeking a Horoscope Reading?
[SK]: Personal Life, Business & Vaastu related questions and seeking answers to some otherwise unanswerable questions related to events happened..

How was the reading? Difficult to understand?
[SK]: pretty easy. Loved every bit of since you were always on-point. Couldn’t have asked for more..

Did the reading address all of your queries?
[SK]: yes, mostly.

Were remedies difficult to follow?
[SK]: well, it never were difficult to follow. But being a lazy person at doing few things, I couldn’t follow all the remedies you used to tell me based on Laal Kitab thing. But I think that’s okay since it was lazyness on my part. Apart from this, other remedies were good to follow and it really worked to achieve specific goals. So its good!

How was the follow-up post reading?
[SK]: excellent. We feel like a family members so you are always good at follow-ups and making sure things are good with us.


― SK, Pune, India