“We’ve been friends for years. Although I have known his fantastic astrological abilities ever since, I ordered him a reading only a year ago (for both astrology and vaastu), when I was experiencing various kinds of difficulties. As in a medical diagnosis, Sri Battu went straight to the critical points, highlighting whether personal qualities or downfalls, prescribing appropriate remedies for the most urgent aspects, all easy and accessible. Today, a year later, I have no idea of what my life would be like if I had not complied with his precious advice, because things have stabilized considerably since then. Yet there are some life issues still need to be settled (and, of course, everything is a matter of time), one thing is certain: I fully rely on Sri Battu’s knowledge. As in a medical treatment, following remedies is a matter of persistence and patience (not “magic”!), which will make a difference in a matter of weeks, months. Thank you so much, Sri Battu.”
Iracema B., Brazil


― Irecema B, Brazil