Currently three courses are offered

Basic Course – Fundamentals of Vedic Astrology. This is a Six Months long duration course. Having completed this course, you will be able to

  • Entertain clients, read their horoscope and offer consultations.
  • Vedic Muhuratha Calculation based on established norms along with individual horoscope.
  • Matchmaking for Matrimonial Purposes
  • Birth Time Rectification
  • Offer Vedic Remedies


Intermediate Course – this is all about specializing in different branches of Vedic Astrology. This is Eight Months duration course. Eligibility: Basic Course mentioned above or an equivalent proficiency from reputed Institutes and Organizations. Having completed this course, you will be able to

  • Offer readings, and consultations based on Advanced Principles of Jaimini Astrology
  • Offer readings and consultations based on Medical Astrology.
  • Do Longevity Calculations
  • Offer Vaastu Readings and offer remedies based on Vaastu Principles


Advanced Course – this is all related to mathematical part of Almanac and core calculations, research subjects, ayanamsa calculations and esoteric astrology. This is more than Ten Months long duration course.


  • All of these courses are over internet and through email. Lessons are self contained and the student is required to answer question at the end of each lesson. Naturally, lessons are designed to stretch the brains of a student who is required to study different resources and then answer questions.
  • Not more than THREE lessons will be issued per week irrespective of the courses mentioned above.
  • Each lesson is tailor made for each student!
  • The student pays for tuition’s fees, which is charged per week, or monthly basis (the student can decide to pay a lump sum or opt for pay per week). It a student does not complete three lessons during a week, instead spreads it across, say, 20 days – the student is required to pay tuition fees for additional weeks.
  • A student can avail of the option to have a break in between and resume lessons as per his/her convenience.
  • If you already know some Vedic Astrology, we can tailor lessons and fees to suit your requirements.
  • Students are required to study their own charts and some other in their possession.Once the course is complete, student will gain insight into calculations, and predictive parts of Vedic Astrology. The student gains proficiency to entertain clients.

Use the contact form to know more about Syllabus, Fee structure and additional details not mentioned above.

Iti Shubham