Free Vedic Horoscope

Greetings. All those desirous of having a Vedic Horoscope may approach me thru contact form below. Please mention the format (North Indian Diamond format, South Indian Squares Format or East Indian format). Please also mention whether you would like to have a detailed horoscope or a small book format (Use comment field) for this choice.

For all practical purposes Chitra Paksha Ayanamsa will be used for casting horoscope. If you wish to have a Vedic Horoscope with different Ayanamsa, as in KP or Raman Ayanamsa, please use comment field to mention appropriate choice.

The Horoscope will be emailed as a pdf printable format file to email id submitted in the form. Please allow 2 working days for delivery. This is a Free service. Horoscope reading will not be included in this service.

Example chart format is available below

North Indian Format



South Indian Format



East Indian Format




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