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  • Please use “Aroma Therapy Reading Form” to submit Transaction ID and other requisite details to process your Aroma Therapy reading.
  • Since this reading is exclusively devoted to Essential Oils and their use in Aroma Therapy, be prepared to share any allergies, existing medical condition, previous experience in Aroma Therapy etc., etc. Accuracy depends on YOU sharing as much as you can about your health and the reasons for seeking this reading.
  • I take it that you understand the nature of this reading and its implications. This will be supplemental and appurtenant to existing therapies, and medical treatments that you are already undergoing. Aroma Therapy based on Horoscope CANNOT be substitute for Medical diagnosis or treatment on its own.
  • Suggestions in this reading cannot be used in any legal manner, such as in Insurance Claims OR Damages arising out of use of Aroma Therapy. The seeker of Aroma Therapy understands the risks involved!
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