Samvatsara – 3

Nandana: Such a native constructs water tanks, or a well or a place for pilgrims to stay. He will be also a donor of grains as alms. Manasagri maintains that such a native loves all, is of service to all and dear to the rulers of his land.

Vijaya: Such a native is brave and valorous during war, is of good conduct, receives honor from the king, an excellent speaker, bountiful, kind hearted and vanquishes his enemy. Very conscious about his aims and objectives and ambitious. Manasagri maintains such a native will be a hero and champion in a war, invincible and receives honor from king or rulers.

Jaya: Such a native is a good debater with intelligent persons, receives honor from the world, is bountiful, generous and has a longing or desirous of victory. Generally born with a silver spoon in his mouth, enjoys his entire life with prosperity. Manasagri maintains that such a native wins over competitors, enjoys life with spouse and kids and a trader.

Manmatha: Such a native is fond of wearing ornaments of exquisite value, sensual, sweet and soft-spoken, a good singer and a dancer. Sometimes plays the role of cupid, does everything in style, and amorous in disposition. Manasagri maintains that such a native is lustful, intelligent, very greedy, wealthy, very mean and very powerful.

Durmukhi: Such a native cheats, has reprehensible or blameworthy personality, is avaricious, and has curved hands and feet, crooked tongue, villainous and wicked. Manasagri maintains that such a native is clever, of clean heart, an intellectual and valued by all.

Hevilambi: Such a native is endowed with expensive conveyances, gold, clothes, wealth, grains and gems. Has a tendency to accumulate articles of comfort and convenience. Very materialistic in outlook, they regard their own comfort, happiness of prime importance. At times given to miserliness, given to debates, sometimes an agriculturist. Manasagri is in agreement with the above.

Vilambi: Such a native is deceitful, extremely avaricious or greedy, lazy or phlegmatic, weak, fatalist and in a habit of speaking without purpose. Defeated by spouse, keeps thoughts a secret and of a restless nature. Manasagri is in agreement of the above.

Vikari: Extremely stubborn and obstinate, skilled and experienced in all arts, tendency to collect things, cunning, and deceitful, has the habit of speaking too much without purpose and has difficulty in trusting friends. Manasagri maintains that such a native is generally born with red eyes, one who is a forest dweller and into poverty.

Sharvari: Such a native is skilled and experienced in trade, sensual and pleasure-loving, with many friends, and one who loves sweets. Manasagri is in agreement of the above.

Plava: Such a native is extremely voluptuous and with insatiable sexual desires, wealthy, respected by all, defeated by spouse, contented and keeps his thoughts a secret. Manasagri is in agreement of above.

Shubhakrutha or Shubh: Such a native is blessed with good fortune, learning, courtesy and humility, excellent virtuous deeds, is long-lived, and has many immovable properties and wealth. Manasagri maintains that such a native is follower of religion, a philanthropist, and very skilled

Shobhakrutha or Shobha: Such a native makes progress in every field. Handsome/beautiful, has excellent virtues, kind hearted, doer of good deeds, very skillful, wise and fond of learned pursuits. Manasagri is in agreement with the above.

Krodhi or Krodh: Such a native is cruel natured, very dear to spouse, haughty or proud, enjoys putting others at disadvantage or creating hurdles for others and hot tempered. Manasagri maintains that such a native, has knowledge of herbs of medicinal value, but, definitely a troublemaker for others.

Vishvavasu or Vishva: Such a native is generous, blessed with a virtuous spouse, has good conduct, patience and endurance and enjoys sweets. Manasagri maintains that such a native has royal insignia, and among prominent people of the land.

Parabhava: Such a native can hardly accumulate wealth, speaks harshly and is devoid of good conduct and generally stupid. Manasagri maintains that such a native is a coward, afraid of cold weather, goes against religion and a destroyer of people.

Plavanga: Such a native is volatile and of a restless mind, does not have desire to do good deeds, deceitful, devoid of good conduct, thoughtless and has a weak constitution and or dimwitted. Manasagri maintains that such a native is very cruel, a thief, a yogi who teaches yoga.

Kilaka: Such a native is of average looks, sweet and soft-spoken, kind hearted and loves water, has fat legs, and full of strength. Manasagri maintains that such a native is an artist, very proud, but duty conscious towards parents.

Saumya or Sowmya: Such a native is a pundit or one who conducts religious ceremonies, learned, wealthy, very sensual, and pure and endowed with good habits, sometimes a trader. Manasagri maintains that such a native is clever and dear to many people who come in contact with him.

Sadharana: Such a native is a wanderer and has a talent for writing, good discrimination, sometimes given to anger, pure and detached from worldly pleasures. Manasagri maintains that such a native has little desires, very content, well versed with scriptures and knower of spells, mantra and magic.

Virodhikrita or Virodhmrit: Such a native is a worshiper of Lord Shiva, given to anger, quarrels, opposes many, especially the father. Manasagri maintains that such a native will exhibit changeable personality from being very mean to one who is very gentle.

More on Great American Eclipse

I have already posted an article earlier, this will be supplementary to former article.

Historically, similar eclipse which cut across America occurred on September 17, 1811. Thomas Jefferson has very well documented this event thru his letters confirming the same. Those who wish to visit the archive, follow this link

I am posting the map for the eclipse in 1811

Based on data available on NASA Eclipse website and records available to I, I am posting the relevant horoscope (set for Monticello), below. The chart may not be as accurate as it should be, the difference maybe around 15 minutes or thereabouts.

As you can see the eclipse occurred in the earthy sign of Virgo with an exalted Mercury in it. Sun is around 2deg 44min in Virgo. For all mundane predictions this degree in Virgo and in trines becomes activated.

About three months later, New Madrid was struck with an earthquake on the 16th December 1811 around 2:15 AM local time, Mars had meanwhile transited into Aquarius and was with Ketu. Mars had its 8th house aspect on Sun in the former chart. Mars has a 4 deg orb of influence, thereby activating a disaster. There were NO beneficial aspects on Virgo, instead Saturn too had its 10th house aspect on Virgo.

Great American Eclipse on 21st August 2017:

Will this be a repeat performance for natural disaster, if so, when??

I had posted a horoscope earlier which was cast for Mumbai, India. This time around am posting a chart cast for Perryville, Missouri. The actual location is but a few kilometers away in Lick Creek, but, for all practical purposes, Perryville’s co-ordinates can be used for casting a chart. I am posting relevant chart below

I am also posting the path for the eclipse with data visible on it

This time around, the eclipse will be in the fire sign of Leo and in the Nakshatra of Magha. The degree that gets activated is 4deg 46min’s. A retrograde Saturn already has an aspect on this combination, within few days (August 27, 2017 and thereafter) Mars too will transit into Leo activating the degrees for a disaster to happen. Will this be another quake? ONLY Lord Brahma can say that for certain, but, with the attributes associated with Leo, the likelihood of events where fire may have a role is one indication. However, Mars will be in 8th from Ketu, this transit may come to pass with no severity altogether.

It will be May 2018 when Mars transits into Capricorn to be in the same sign as Ketu to activate another disaster. However, prediction on this can wait. Meanwhile, stay safe. If you are tempted to watch this eclipse, use protection and follow local guidelines.


Samvatsara – 2

Dhata: Such a native is skilled in crafts, devoted to his preceptor, beautiful/handsome, courteous and good-mannered. He may be a crafty lawyer and addicted to women/spouse other than his/her own. Dhata is derived from Vidhata which is another name for Brahma, one of the three Hindu Trinity. They make skilled craftsmen. Manasagri maintains that such a native is bestowed with beauty, wealth and a caretaker of the just class in society.

Ishvara: Such natives get angry very soon (short tempered), is full of joy, has good qualities in him, skilful and sagacious. They are prosperous, steady-minded and good judge of merit. Manasagri maintains that such a native will be a farmer, rearing cattle, he lives a lifestyle within the confines of one’s religion. Manasagri maintains that such a native will also be lustful and sire a huge family.

Bahudhanya: Such a native is well versed in trade, respected by government, charitable, suffers from pride, well versed with scriptures and their secrets. They accumulate food stuff and generally hoard them. Manasagri maintains that such a native will be free from deceit, will be fond of wine and good food.

Pramathi or Pramadhi: Such a native is bestowed with many conveyances, killer of the enemy, a minister of a king or highly placed in government and with royal insignia. Such a native may also be addicted to evil ways, hot tempered, friendless, but, living in comfort. Manasagri maintains that such a native will be eager to earn more money, given to vices, addicted to duels and contests and someone who achieves his goals with harsh ways.

Vikarma or Vikram: Such a native is engaged in doing extremely terrible or fierce deeds, is skilled in attacking an enemy’s army (apparently employed with the military), and is a warrior and a champion with endurance and patience. Such a native will eagerly attend to the toughest of tasks with ease. Manasagri maintains that such an individual has control over his senses and very skilled.

Vrusha or Vrish: Such a native does things which are blameworthy, remains in the company of vicious men or wicked conduct. Accomplishes things for others, has many wives/spouses, is dirty, base and avaricious. Manasagri maintains that such a person will be obese, have a stout body. Manasagri is in agreement with former definition.

Chitrabhanu: such a native is fond of good robes/clothes and flowers, has a mind full of ambitions, good natured and endowed with crafts and arts. Manasagri maintains that such a native will be full of pride, doing sinful deeds, one who has unflinching faith in religious practices.

Svabhanu or Subhanu: Such a native has curly hair, simple nature, wise, courteous, has smiling and joyful face. Manasagri maintains that such a native benefits from friends and enemies both. He many also be a connoisseur or objects.

Tarana or Taran: Such a native will be deceitful, cunning and valiant. Heroic, restless, well versed in arts and crafts, extremely harsh and cruel, his actions are those which invite hatred. Manasagri maintains that such a native will be disliked by all religions, one who maybe addicted to accepting bribes.

Parthiv: Such natives are well versed in religious rites, skilled craftsmen, sensual and pleasure loving. He is a follower of tradition and averse to novelty or to try anything new. Manasagri is in agreement with the above.

Vyaya: Such a native is engrossed in enjoying worldly pleasures, subjected to addictions, fearless in asking for loans, always remains in debt, restless and given to wanton spending. Lustful, a great gambler, addicted to weaknesses, has a tendency to amass wealth for a rainy day. Manasagri maintains that such a native will have friends who will loan money easily and given to pleasures of the flesh.

Sarvajit or Sarvajith: Such a native receives honour from the king, always celebrates functions and festivities with great spending. He will conquer his enemies as well as the king. Manasagri maintains that such a native will conquer the weak and rule with an iron hand.

Sarvadhari: Such a native is master of a retinue of servants, enjoys comforts and pleasures. Enjoys sweet food, has patience, endurance, and follows traditions and conventions. Manasagri maintains that such a native is well versed with scriptures, obeys his Guru’s and with a stable mind.

Virodhi: Such a native is a wanderer and eloquent speaker. Travels to many distant lands. His family suffers, he is deceitful and cunning and cannot maintain relations with people. Manasagri maintains that such a native is fond of flesh and sea food, respected by the masses for his conduct.

Vikruti: Such a native is subjected to poverty, is horrible looking, has a tall body, lacks wisdom, intelligence and has difficulty in establishing friendships with anyone. Manasagri maintains that such a native will be well versed in singing abilities, dance, given to pride and a lustful person.

Khara: Such a native is lustful, dirty and speaker of harsh words, loud mouthed without any reason or purpose. Given to quarrels and possesses a huge body. Unattractive, worthless, depressed in speech, sinful and mischievous. Manasagri maintains that such a native will be devoid of friends, one who accumulates wealth thru questionable means.


Samvatsara – 1

Samvatsara roughly means the period of one full year. Using Jupiter’s average speed to cross over one zodiac sign is known as Samvatsara. Thus there will be twelve Samvatsara’s when Jupiter completes one revolution around the zodiac. Each revolution brings Jupiter closer to earth, sometimes far away (all too dependent on apogee and perigee of both Earth and Jupiter, and of course nearness to other planets, conjunctions and oppositions, the effects of each Samvatsara becomes different. Thus there are sixty Samvatsara’s which repeat again and again in a cycle.

At the beginning of creation both Jupiter and Saturn were at Sidereal zero degree Aries. The average daily motion of Saturn is about 2 minutes, therefore it takes about 30 years to complete one revolution around the zodiac. The average daily motion of Jupiter is about 5 minutes and thus it takes twelve years to complete one revolution around the zodiac. The lowest common multiple (LCM) of 30 and 12 is of course sixty, therefore after 60 years both Saturn and Jupiter will be once again at zero degree Aries!!

Various angles between Jupiter and Saturn in above 60 years define the meaning of each Samvatsara. In actual practice, no other planet has profound effect on an individual other than the mutual angle between Jupiter and Saturn in his/her horoscope. Readers who wish to know more may consult classics such as Bhrigu Samhita, Siddhanta Jyotish compendiums.

In Siddhanta Jyotish the names of Samvatsara begin with Vijaya and go all the way down to Nandana, the 60th Samvatsara. However, there are other authors such as Varahamihira in his Brihat Samhita where he mentions the beginning as Prabhava (the 35th Samvatsara) in Siddhanta Jyotish. Manasagri Paddhati too considers beginning as Prabhava.

Below is brief meaning to each of the sixty Samvatsara beginning with Prabhava. The meaning associated is classically defined for humans, but, these can be conveniently applied to mundane events. As of today in June 2017, Hemlambi is in effect.

Applicability to Mundane Events: Allow me to explain.  UK’s entry into Euro was in the Paridhavi Samvatsara. Any event that starts in Paridhavi begins with harsh speech, although the person brings fortunes.

UK’s exit from Euro was when Hindu Samvatsara Durkukha was in force. This is all about villainy, deceit and speaks of crooked self interest – though they are lamenting their exit. But, self interest and deceit rules UK

More on this later with specific case studies. But, first, the Samvatsara’s themselves!

Prabhava: People under Prabhava are intellectuals and ready for action, be it collection of objects, enjoys comforts, has daring, truthful and with every kind of virtue. Manasagri mentions people born under Prabhava are well known personalities, learned and with cruel intentions. However, he/she is quite knowledgeable as well.

Vibhava: People born under this Samvatsara are fond of drinks and good food, are extremely beautiful, strong and intelligent. Well known in society and good mannered. Lustful, pure, grandeur, pomp, majestic, constantly cheerful and will have prodigious wealth. Manasagri mentions this as a person who is as fickle as a woman, given to theft, rich, everything in excess and a philanthropist.

Shukla: People born under this Samvatsara are joyful, extremely generous, has excellent qualities, blessed with good spouse, full of grandeur, fortune and humility. Given an opportunity, he/she will seduce others, generally clean hearted and pure. Manasagri however mentions person to be in poverty.

Pramoduta: The native is a philanthropist, blessed with equally illustrious children, good qualities, sometimes deceptive, doer of good to others and proud. Clever in counsel, and businesslike. Both equally good and bad qualities are mentioned which means the person is skilled at getting work done by hook or by crook. Manasagri mentions such a person to be very skilled in carrying out his duties, but in the process may have many enemies including siblings and friends.

Prajapati or Prajothpati: Native born under this Samvatsara will have illustrious spouse who is endowed with good qualities. Virtuous and bounteous, he/she will be oblivious to pain arising from worldly matters. Manasagri mentions such native to have large family, and famous for his wealth and possessions.

Angira or Angirasa: Native born under this Samvatsara are endowed with beauty, grace and happiness, soft-spoken, self-pride, and enjoys life. He/she however keeps his/her plans and thoughts a secret and never shares them. Manasagri mentions them as one who is proficient in scriptures and very religious oriented.

Shrimukha: Such a native is wealthy, valorous, and energetic and has affection of friends, is endowed with truthful intellect. Lusts for opposite sex other than spouse and a flirt. Manasagri mentions this as someone who employs dubious intent and dissimulation in accomplishing or effecting his work.

Bhava: Natives born under this Samvatsara have splendid mind, good qualities, a philanthropist, courteous, always happy and endearing to many. A king-maker, and renowned for his vast wealth and strength. His heart is full of generosity and intelligence, he squanders away great love for one and all. Manasagri mentions this as one who is fond of eating flesh and sea food.

Yuva: Such a native is incarnation of happiness, endowed with qualities, courteous, peaceful, bountiful and generous, an erudite and long lived person. Has a hard and firm body. Covetous, sometimes ill-tempered, little liable to illness and acquainted in healing arts. Manasagri mentions this as one who is bereft of comfort of a spouse, or suffering thru spouse and one who suffers from hydrophobia.

Will post about other Samvatsara separately


Eclipses August 2017

There are two eclipses scheduled in August 2017. A partial Lunar Eclipse occurs on the 7th of August 2017 followed by a Solar Eclipse on the 21st August 2017.

Lunar Eclipse


The Lunar Eclipse of 7th August will be visible over Indian subcontinent and maximizes at 23:50:29 hrs. This will also be the day when Indian folks observe Raksha Bandhan when girls tie a sacred around their brother’s wrist. Many Indians will be sleeping around this time. This eclipse occurs in the Capricorn – Cancer Axis, which indirectly is the 3-9 axis of India’s horoscope where relationship with neighbors will get activated. Covert operations, hidden and secret enmity will surface once again. Moon will be at 21deg 24min 22sec Shravana Nakshatra. I am posting the chart of Lunar Eclipse below for easy reference.


Likelihood of trouble escalating on and after 29th October 2017. Natives who have planets in the Nakshatra of Rohini, Hasta, Bharni, Ashlesha and Vishakha are affected by this eclipse. They may suffer financially, health or on other fronts. Trouble can be expected from hidden elements in forests and aquatic areas.

Solar Eclipse

A total Solar Eclipse follows on the 21st August which is quite potent in a way because Saturn, the judge is nearing its steady state. Saturn will be rock steady for days together following the eclipse. This will be the strongest planet for this eclipse horoscope. I am posting appropriate horoscope below. The judge in Scorpio may decide to conceal ALL or reveal and expose ALL. There will be much secrecy involved. Hidden elements in work area, across the seas and within the government have a role to play.

Rahu and Mars in the Gandanta Nakshatra of Ashlesha, Moon and Sun in the gandanta Nakshatra of Magha, Saturn in the gandanta Nakshatra of Jyeshtha – this eclipse will be the mother of ALL eclipses!! With the rising degree in the Nakshatra of Krittika, this will be one surgical intrusion in the affairs of many. The rising degree is pretty close to the Sidereal degree of fixed star Algol – now you know how this eclipse matters a lot!! Some events may be tragic indeed!

This Eclipse will not be visible in India, instead this eclipse is much awaited event for the people of USA because the path of this eclipse cuts thru America in half. The totality of the eclipse will be around 23:51 Hrs IST on the 21st August 2017. The eclipse occurs in the Leo, Aquarius axis with the Sun in Magha Nakshatra at 4deg 46min 29min. Natives who have planets in the Nakshatra of Ashresha, Vishakha, and Krittika are most vulnerable. For some the consequences could be disastrous.

The eclipse activates the following additional Nakshatra’s – Moola, Ashwini, Anuradha, and Dhanishta.

For India, the eclipse occurs in the 4 – 10 axis where many local folks will find policies local government quite difficult to implement and for some time chaos may prevail. With Rahu migrating over to Cancer on 18th August, and into Ashresha Nakshatra, troubles can be expected. Trouble for those in seat of power and especially from overseas can be expected. Trouble can be expected around 7th march 2018 and ahead. For some the trouble can start as early as 6th August 2017.

For those in power in the US, this will be an uncomfortable position (please wait for Mr. Donald Trump’s horoscope analysis in a separate post).