Often asked query by a Westerner is why do Vedic Astrology relies on so many deities and chants? I have explained much on my Facebook group, I will post just adequate information here for all to know:

Long before there was division of labor, every single individual was prepared to do his own part of prayers and rituals. The connection between an individual and God head is singular connection, and, one to one connection.

As Yuga’s progressed the process of prayer and rituals was gradually diminishing. People had little spare time to do these rituals.

Then came a time when people who were proficient in such rituals were asked to officiate and conduct rituals for those who had no means to do it.

You need to understand that entire Veda’s and Purana’s were committed to memory, nothing was available as written text. So, these so called people with good memory and proficiency with rituals considered themselves as a class apart from other public.

Over time the dichotomy between these individuals and others was so great, they called themselves Brahmins and they forced rulers to implement a restricted knowledge base and hiring policy. Sacred scriptures were NOW in the hand of few – they deliberately implemented a rule that ONLY persons within their family fold will get to learn these scriptures or conduct rituals.

As for the current Yuga (Kaliyuga), these so called Brahmins and priests themselves are not proficient enough, very few know the correct pronunciation and rituals associated with it. The entire system further degraded where people wanted a shortcut to everything. Hence as of today this is more of a conning God and Brahmins into doing the dirty laundry for people – if I may dare say so!!

Allow me to give you an analogy, if you cannot do your own cooking, instead, hire a person to do your cooking, we pay them. Don’t we?? These persons are themselves careless about the expense involved, instead, waste more resources in the kitchen. These cooks themselves do not know healthy cooking. Those who know are now known as Chefs. These Chefs are nowhere to be found in individual homes, instead available at Five Star Hotels. People pay through their nose to eat healthy food!! These class of people known as Chefs now have colleges and certification process which a common man cannot follow.

So, one cannot expect to have the best of both worlds without compromising on quality!!

This is where I encourage people to do their own Puja and rituals. The process needs to be reversed, people need to learn to do these Puja’s and rituals themselves. Maybe they will make a mistake or two, God is interested in SINCERITY and LOVE. God is least interested in how and in which manner you pray. Be it Greek, Latin or Sanskrit or just any language. God listens to those who pray with sincerity.

However, there are certain rituals which the Western Civilization has lost in the process of gaining freedom over religion. They dumped this under sorcery, wizardry and plain simple devil worship. The parallel analogy between Indian prayer and western rituals is completely lost. So, no harm if a person is asked to learn a new set of skills which is still available. If you know a parallel analogy in your culture, I encourage you to follow them. For example if one is required to worship Jupiter, one can easily respect elders and teachers around him. Being respectful and taking care of these individual is good enough to appease Jupiter. If you have an old people’s home nearby, visit them and spend time with them. Gain their respect. It is easy, isn’t it??

ONLY common denominator available to humanity is air, water and to some extent food and maybe procreation. The rest is lost and compartmentalized. People have divided themselves into compartments known as religion!! One religion does NOT want to hear anything about the other or wish to have people following a different religion to be anywhere in their vicinity. People themselves are to blame. Hope you get the point.

Will be posting about Gem Stones and other remedies at a later date.