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Hello and Welcome to my website

Yatra Kushalam Tatrastu

Thanks for visiting. Many a time in life people get affected badly by situations around them – sometimes to the point of no return, bankruptcy or ruin. This is when one needs help. So, this page is for ALL those who are trapped with current circumstance. You will see a Yantra below, this was taught to me by my fourth Jyotish Guru. This Yantra finds place in a sacred scripture, which my Jyotish Guru entrusted me in safekeeping. This Yantra is usually inscribed on the bed rock above which temple deities are then installed in temples. Sometimes this Yantra is inscribed in stone in caves below the temple.

Here is the method to use it:

Copy this Yantra on a clean paper or take a print out. Keep it in the altar where you offer daily prayer. If you are agnostic, it does not matter, the Yantra may be placed in a spot which is dear to you – a sacred spot which is otherwise inaccessible to others!

Think of ONE query. If you have more than one, list them on paper, sleep overnight, next day select ONE query that is more important. Place the Yantra in front of you with the pointed ends of triangles pointing towards you (as it appears on screen). If you cannot have a print out or a paper to draw this yantra, you may revisit this page and mentally visualize this yantra.

Next, take a Rudraksha Bead or a Silver Coin or a Gem Stone (any precious stone will do). Now place this Bead/Stone over ONE triangle or visualize yourself placing the Bead/Stone on one triangle on screen. Each triangle is given an alphabet, remember the chosen alphabet. Use the form below to fill in your details, a remedy will be emailed to you ASAP. You must share the query in “Comment” space on contact form.