Virendra and I have been in touch over 25 years, his services were once again required because we bought a new house. He did a Vastu Reading for us, gladly our Interior Decorator incorporated all of the changes recommended by him. Virendra is family to us. I will not hesitate to recommend his services again.

Anjali, New Delhi

“I came across Virendra when I was struggling with my career not knowing whether to opt for Voluntary Retirement or plough on? He rightly pointed out that within six months I will be promoted to highest office in my organization.” – Chandramohan R, Mumbai, India

Chandramohan R, Mumbai, India

I was introducing to Mr Battu by a friend when I was on cross roads and was left with no hope . Guruji asked me to send the birth details along with my life events . Within a few days , he sent me the reading along with the remedies which I followed religiously. I … Continue reading Dipthi Aashok

Dipthi Aashok

Sri Battu has good skill in the subject of astrology. He makes accurate calculations and rectified the horoscope on the basis of life events so that the predictions are correct. His interpretations are efficient and clear – Dr B Muralidhara Rao, Mangalore, India

Dr B Muralidhara Rao, Mangalore, India

I was introduced to Mr. Virendra Battu through a friend’s recommendation. Upon providing all my birth details to Mr. Battu, he reverted to me as quickly as possible with a full and complete horoscope teading and report. The horoscope prepared by Mr. Battu not only gave me an accurate chart of certain events that took … Continue reading Govind Menon, Singapore

Govind Menon, Singapore

“We’ve been friends for years. Although I have known his fantastic astrological abilities ever since, I ordered him a reading only a year ago (for both astrology and vaastu), when I was experiencing various kinds of difficulties. As in a medical diagnosis, Sri Battu went straight to the critical points, highlighting whether personal qualities or … Continue reading Irecema B, Brazil

Irecema B, Brazil

So much to learn, so much promise. My experience has demonstrated that a simple recommendation by you did what no western physician could do, apparently. It restored balance and progress in feeling better mentally. It cleared my mind and I was able to think more clearly which is a huge step for me. Since I have … Continue reading Irene A Masielo, USA

Irene A Masielo, USA

“Yes,I’m really satisfied with the readings of my horoscope.All my queries are answered well.Remedies too are easy to follow.Im totally satisfied.” Kiran, India

Kiran, India

Virendra battu is a great astrologer. I found his reading of my horoscope very accurate.  It gave me clear guidelines to take proper decisions in life.  Thank you sir – Mekhala Rao, Mangalore, India

Mekhala Rao, Mangalore, India

I have known Uncle since childhood days, know he is a great person and mentor. Whenever I need advice, I know where to look for answers. I have yet to come across another astrologer who adds a family touch to horoscope readings. I have at times consulted him for health reasons which doctors keep on … Continue reading Monica Paul, Mumbai, India

Monica Paul, Mumbai, India

Virendra’s services were recommended by a friend who had benefited from a reading. He was spot on about my marital difficulties and recommended few remedies. It is four months already and I am happy to state that we are back as a family and planning a family. Highly recommend Virendra’s services

Neha Sandhu, Cali, US

I honor our friendship deeply. You are a genuinely a great person. May the universe spread your words to all those who seek divine guidance. Lots of love to you

Pari S Grewal, CA, USA

My basic nature and the prediction about my looks were very accurate inspite of never having met or even seen a picture of me.My questions were mainly regarding my career and PhD which at present are turning out to be true especially with me being dumped with incomprehensible amount of work and not being able … Continue reading Parinitha Rao – UK

Parinitha Rao – UK

Sri Virendra Battu is well read in the subject of astrology. Before giving his predictions he goes through several combinations of planetary positions and aspects in the horoscope. While making the predictions he doesn’t hesitate to tell the truth, at the same time guides us for the best possibilities. The remedies he suggests to neutralize … Continue reading Poornima Rao, Mangalore, India

Poornima Rao, Mangalore, India

I was recommended to consult Mr Virendra Battu for his accuracy in predictions and in-depth knowledge of astro science. One of the traits that impressed me were his detailed descriptions and explanations that so many astrologers misconstrue and confuse innocent people with. His predictions are eerily spot on and he does not mince words in … Continue reading Ranika Kararia, New Delhi

Ranika Kararia, New Delhi

“Virendra was first astrologer among several who point out pitfalls in horoscope for childlessness. I was married in a conservative society where such topics are taboo. Remedies and several follow ups later I had a successful pregnancy. I am proud mother to a three year daughter now” – Rasmita, UAE

Rasmita, UAE

Battu Uncle is a gem of a person. He had asked me to chant the mantra for one month. Every week he would follow up regarding the progress and would check if everything was ok. The services are splendid. I have never met Battu Uncle in person. I have always interacted with him only on … Continue reading S, Maharashtra, India

S, Maharashtra, India

I received my son’s horoscope analysis from Virendra Ji. Though it took time, it was one of the most comprehensive analyses I have ever seen. The in depth readings cover all aspects of life with very clear directions on next steps and potential. I highly recommend anyone looking to get their readings done contact Virendra … Continue reading Sanjay Ganesh, Bangalore, India

Sanjay Ganesh, Bangalore, India

As always Battu Uncle was bang on about my nephew…..His readings are perfect and precise.

Sarjita Pradhan, Pune, India

Vedic Astrology is a science and Virenji is a master in it. I am of the opinion that there is no one that I know of, has such a level of comprehensive knowledge and skill in it. His predictions for the future are accurate and he mentions your past as your own self. I wish … Continue reading Shuvadip Som, Bangalore, India

Shuvadip Som, Bangalore, India

Battuji has a vast knowledge and experience in astrology. I consulted him for my husband’s horoscope reading. He gave a very good guidance for future and also suggested remedies.We are very much satisfied with the readings he gave and would highly recommend him to my friends and family.

Shweta Katiyar, New Delhi, India

Reasons for seeking a Horoscope Reading? [SK]: Personal Life, Business & Vaastu related questions and seeking answers to some otherwise unanswerable questions related to events happened.. How was the reading? Difficult to understand? [SK]: pretty easy. Loved every bit of since you were always on-point. Couldn’t have asked for more.. Did the reading address all … Continue reading SK, Pune, India

SK, Pune, India

I was going through a very rough time. My horoscope gave me the information and confidence to face the hardships and be level headed about how I dealt with the issues. The information, the guidance and the solutions significantly helped me prepare for and navigate with the tough times, with the added relief that things … Continue reading Srinivas Chitrapu, USA

Srinivas Chitrapu, USA

“I had a reading from him when I was had several health issues. A common friend suggested a reading. I am doing fine how, though once in recent years I had panic attacks. But an uneventful 5 years in a row. I have a stable job now.” – Susan, UK

Susan, UK

“Reading was fine. I had questions and you answered them. About my visionary gift you told me it relates to the Jupiter. Overall I am very satisfied.” Tamara – USA

Tamara, USA

I got my horoscope read by Mr. Virendra Battu. Not only did he mention some of my past incidents correctly but he also predicted some future events which turned out to be true. Most importantly, while talking to my husband, he just asked if I’m pregnant whereas we never disclosed anything regarding that to him. … Continue reading Urmila Som, Bangalore, India

Urmila Som, Bangalore, India

“Received much needed help from Virendra at a time when I was undergoing tough life situations, my only child was in protective custody and I was facing a possible divorce. I was depressed to the point where I was suicidal. Remedies suggested by Virendra were very helpful, my kid is back with me though I … Continue reading Venkataraman, Germany

Venkataraman, Germany

“The readings I have received from Sir Virendra Battu Ji have been extremely insightful and helpful. I’m stunned at the precision in illuminating blockages and remedies. Even when I feel I can rely quite a bit on my intuition, it has been essential not to only have this validated but to also have Sir Virendra … Continue reading Vishaan Needoo, Australia

Vishaan Needoo, Australia