Q: What details are needed for a horoscope reading?

A: Following details are needed to cast a horoscope –

  1. Name:
  2. Gender:
  3. Date of Birth: please mention month in words
  4. Place of Birth: Town/City/State/Country. If it is a home birth or in a village, please mention location. I can search Google Earth to get exact coordinates
  5. Email id: If you are opting for an email typed reading, share your email id.

Q: I don’t know my exact time of birth?

A: The easiest option is to consult birth certificate or an elder in the family, relatives, well-wishers of your parents. If your birth time is in doubt, mention event details. Please check event details section below.

Q: I am adopted and have no known records of birth?

A: Your queries can then be answered ONLY by Horary methods. Please consider selecting horary reading. Horary or Prashna reading is limited to ONE year duration from the date it is entertained.

Q: What details are needed for a Horary or Prashna reading?

A: Concentrate on issues that are troubling you at the moment. Write down queries on paper, if there are too many queries, consider sleeping overnight and next morning selecting few queries that are more important. Choose a random number between 1 and 108. Share this number when filling form for Horary reading.

Q: What event details are needed to verify or rectify a birth time?

A: All major events such as –

  1. Education details: Level of Education, Degrees and Specialization. Mention dates of completion of graduation/post-graduation/PhD
  2. Marriage Date
  3. Birth of Kids and gender
  4. If you had an abortion or a miscarriage mention it so
  5. Hospitalization: mention the date and reason why you were hospitalized?
  6. Awards: If you won an award or a lottery, mention the date when you received it.
  7. Profession: Please mention joining date, capacity and duration of each job. If you were fired from a job, mention date and reasons for being fired. If you resigned, please mention date of resignation and reasons for resignation.
  8. Property: If you purchased a home or land, mention date of purchase.

Q: What are essential differences between Western Tropical Horoscope reading and a Vedic Horoscope reading?

A: Vedic Astrology considers a fixed zodiac and takes into consideration precession of equinoxes.

  1. So, while your Tropical mentions Sun to be in Libra, it is quite possible that in Vedic horoscope Sun appears in Virgo.
  2. Tropical Astrology uses a Wheel format for horoscopes. Vedic uses a square format (South Indian) or a Diamond format (North Indian) for drawing horoscopes
  3. Tropical Astrology considers Neptune, Uranus and Pluto in their reading. Vedic considers these planets as period planets because they barely move two houses during life time of a person, hence they are not considered.

Q: Vedic Astrology uses different terms to answer queries?

A: Yes, Vedic Astrology canons will be used in the reading. A separate Vedic Astrology General Terms will be emailed with your reading to help you understand the reading.

Q: What kind of queries are entertained/answered thru various reading packages?

A: Let me put it this way – I will not entertain or answer ANY request which goes against interests of my Country, or indirectly harm anybody. If you are involved in a fraud/criminal case and facing a court case, you need services of a Lawyer and not an Astrologer! Immediate refund will be issued, if such queries are raised.

Q: I have paid for a reading, how long does it take to have my reading?

A: Expect a minimum of Four Calendar days to get your reading by email. If Birth time needs rectification, please allow Six Calendar days.

Q: I would like to visit you in person? Is it possible to have an appointment?

A: Yes, you can use the contact form to submit a query and I will get back to you with probable days.

If your query is not answered above, feel free to use the contact form for further assistance.



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