Bhagya or Fate and Luck

Often asked query is “When will my Bhagya shine?” or ‘When will I have luck?”

Look at the 9th house in natal chart, if this has Saturn, Rahu, Mars, Mercury, Ketu or Venus – these planets are great source of blocking the Bhagya or luck of a person.

I will list the effects of two such planets, the rest I let learned astrologers to figure it out

  • If Mercury is in the 9th house – the native will shift from one relationship to another like a rolling stone. It will be extremely difficult to arrive at steadiness in any relationship. At first, this will be considered as a plus point, but, at a stage when one NEEDS a steady partner/spouse Mercury will throw the spanner in relationships.
  • If Venus is in the 9th house, the native will be found seeking physical relationships with tons of people of opposite sex. This will be a huge pain for prospective partner/spouse, who may eventually break relationship or force a divorce!!

Unless, above mentioned planetary position is remedied, no amount of other remedies will work in favor of the native. All of other remedies will come to a ZERO.

First step in remedying the situation around a native is to suggest proper remedy for these planets.

May Jupiter bless you with knowledge