Deepawali Greetings

Diwali festival is celebrated in various ways

  1. Beginning of Amavasya
  2. When Moon transits into Chitra Nakshatra

But, for the purist, here is important information:

For those who do Chandi Path (invocation of Chandi), it is important to have Amavasya (new moon) which begins at night time.

Typically Amavasya is divided into four main divisions, am mentioning these below (confirmed from an authoritative source)

  1. First two parts are known as Darsa
  2. Third part is known as Shinivali
  3. Fourth part is known as Kuhu

For those who do Chandi Path, the last part (Kuhu) is important.

Diwali 2017 – Amavasya begins few minutes after midnight today (calculated for Mumbai, India). So, those interested in doing Chadi Path, the time and date is today night

Blessings for all of you