Eclipse and its effects

Mars has transited into Leo and placed in the same Nakshatra where 21st August Solar Eclipse occurred. For few more days (till 17th September), more natural calamities can be expected

Quoting myself from my web blog

//This time around, the eclipse will be in the fire sign of Leo and in the Nakshatra of Magha. The degree that gets activated is 4deg 46min’s. A retrograde Saturn already has an aspect on this combination, within few days (August 27, 2017 and thereafter) Mars too will transit into Leo activating the degrees for a disaster to happen. Will this be another quake? ONLY Lord Brahma can say that for certain, but, with the attributes associated with Leo, the likelihood of events where fire may have a role is one indication. //

Raging Fire in US

Hurricane Harvey is another disaster. The area, in my opinion, has the poorest of the poor living in US and almost every year nature wrecks havoc with their lives