Samvatsara – 3

Nandana: Such a native constructs water tanks, or a well or a place for pilgrims to stay. He will be also a donor of grains as alms. Manasagri maintains that such a native loves all, is of service to all and dear to the rulers of his land.

Vijaya: Such a native is brave and valorous during war, is of good conduct, receives honor from the king, an excellent speaker, bountiful, kind hearted and vanquishes his enemy. Very conscious about his aims and objectives and ambitious. Manasagri maintains such a native will be a hero and champion in a war, invincible and receives honor from king or rulers.

Jaya: Such a native is a good debater with intelligent persons, receives honor from the world, is bountiful, generous and has a longing or desirous of victory. Generally born with a silver spoon in his mouth, enjoys his entire life with prosperity. Manasagri maintains that such a native wins over competitors, enjoys life with spouse and kids and a trader.

Manmatha: Such a native is fond of wearing ornaments of exquisite value, sensual, sweet and soft-spoken, a good singer and a dancer. Sometimes plays the role of cupid, does everything in style, and amorous in disposition. Manasagri maintains that such a native is lustful, intelligent, very greedy, wealthy, very mean and very powerful.

Durmukhi: Such a native cheats, has reprehensible or blameworthy personality, is avaricious, and has curved hands and feet, crooked tongue, villainous and wicked. Manasagri maintains that such a native is clever, of clean heart, an intellectual and valued by all.

Hevilambi: Such a native is endowed with expensive conveyances, gold, clothes, wealth, grains and gems. Has a tendency to accumulate articles of comfort and convenience. Very materialistic in outlook, they regard their own comfort, happiness of prime importance. At times given to miserliness, given to debates, sometimes an agriculturist. Manasagri is in agreement with the above.

Vilambi: Such a native is deceitful, extremely avaricious or greedy, lazy or phlegmatic, weak, fatalist and in a habit of speaking without purpose. Defeated by spouse, keeps thoughts a secret and of a restless nature. Manasagri is in agreement of the above.

Vikari: Extremely stubborn and obstinate, skilled and experienced in all arts, tendency to collect things, cunning, and deceitful, has the habit of speaking too much without purpose and has difficulty in trusting friends. Manasagri maintains that such a native is generally born with red eyes, one who is a forest dweller and into poverty.

Sharvari: Such a native is skilled and experienced in trade, sensual and pleasure-loving, with many friends, and one who loves sweets. Manasagri is in agreement of the above.

Plava: Such a native is extremely voluptuous and with insatiable sexual desires, wealthy, respected by all, defeated by spouse, contented and keeps his thoughts a secret. Manasagri is in agreement of above.

Shubhakrutha or Shubh: Such a native is blessed with good fortune, learning, courtesy and humility, excellent virtuous deeds, is long-lived, and has many immovable properties and wealth. Manasagri maintains that such a native is follower of religion, a philanthropist, and very skilled

Shobhakrutha or Shobha: Such a native makes progress in every field. Handsome/beautiful, has excellent virtues, kind hearted, doer of good deeds, very skillful, wise and fond of learned pursuits. Manasagri is in agreement with the above.

Krodhi or Krodh: Such a native is cruel natured, very dear to spouse, haughty or proud, enjoys putting others at disadvantage or creating hurdles for others and hot tempered. Manasagri maintains that such a native, has knowledge of herbs of medicinal value, but, definitely a troublemaker for others.

Vishvavasu or Vishva: Such a native is generous, blessed with a virtuous spouse, has good conduct, patience and endurance and enjoys sweets. Manasagri maintains that such a native has royal insignia, and among prominent people of the land.

Parabhava: Such a native can hardly accumulate wealth, speaks harshly and is devoid of good conduct and generally stupid. Manasagri maintains that such a native is a coward, afraid of cold weather, goes against religion and a destroyer of people.

Plavanga: Such a native is volatile and of a restless mind, does not have desire to do good deeds, deceitful, devoid of good conduct, thoughtless and has a weak constitution and or dimwitted. Manasagri maintains that such a native is very cruel, a thief, a yogi who teaches yoga.

Kilaka: Such a native is of average looks, sweet and soft-spoken, kind hearted and loves water, has fat legs, and full of strength. Manasagri maintains that such a native is an artist, very proud, but duty conscious towards parents.

Saumya or Sowmya: Such a native is a pundit or one who conducts religious ceremonies, learned, wealthy, very sensual, and pure and endowed with good habits, sometimes a trader. Manasagri maintains that such a native is clever and dear to many people who come in contact with him.

Sadharana: Such a native is a wanderer and has a talent for writing, good discrimination, sometimes given to anger, pure and detached from worldly pleasures. Manasagri maintains that such a native has little desires, very content, well versed with scriptures and knower of spells, mantra and magic.

Virodhikrita or Virodhmrit: Such a native is a worshiper of Lord Shiva, given to anger, quarrels, opposes many, especially the father. Manasagri maintains that such a native will exhibit changeable personality from being very mean to one who is very gentle.