More on Great American Eclipse

I have already posted an article earlier, this will be supplementary to former article.

Historically, similar eclipse which cut across America occurred on September 17, 1811. Thomas Jefferson has very well documented this event thru his letters confirming the same. Those who wish to visit the archive, follow this link

I am posting the map for the eclipse in 1811

Based on data available on NASA Eclipse website and records available to I, I am posting the relevant horoscope (set for Monticello), below. The chart may not be as accurate as it should be, the difference maybe around 15 minutes or thereabouts.

As you can see the eclipse occurred in the earthy sign of Virgo with an exalted Mercury in it. Sun is around 2deg 44min in Virgo. For all mundane predictions this degree in Virgo and in trines becomes activated.

About three months later, New Madrid was struck with an earthquake on the 16th December 1811 around 2:15 AM local time, Mars had meanwhile transited into Aquarius and was with Ketu. Mars had its 8th house aspect on Sun in the former chart. Mars has a 4 deg orb of influence, thereby activating a disaster. There were NO beneficial aspects on Virgo, instead Saturn too had its 10th house aspect on Virgo.

Great American Eclipse on 21st August 2017:

Will this be a repeat performance for natural disaster, if so, when??

I had posted a horoscope earlier which was cast for Mumbai, India. This time around am posting a chart cast for Perryville, Missouri. The actual location is but a few kilometers away in Lick Creek, but, for all practical purposes, Perryville’s co-ordinates can be used for casting a chart. I am posting relevant chart below

I am also posting the path for the eclipse with data visible on it

This time around, the eclipse will be in the fire sign of Leo and in the Nakshatra of Magha. The degree that gets activated is 4deg 46min’s. A retrograde Saturn already has an aspect on this combination, within few days (August 27, 2017 and thereafter) Mars too will transit into Leo activating the degrees for a disaster to happen. Will this be another quake? ONLY Lord Brahma can say that for certain, but, with the attributes associated with Leo, the likelihood of events where fire may have a role is one indication. However, Mars will be in 8th from Ketu, this transit may come to pass with no severity altogether.

It will be May 2018 when Mars transits into Capricorn to be in the same sign as Ketu to activate another disaster. However, prediction on this can wait. Meanwhile, stay safe. If you are tempted to watch this eclipse, use protection and follow local guidelines.