Solar Eclipse Feb 26, 2017

February 26 Solar Eclipse

This will be in the Satabhisha -> Magha Nakshatra Axis, which means Governments will witness slander, disrespect, failing policies, and shaming (already triggered by Feb 11 Lunar Eclipse).
The Nakshatra nodal axis is listed below – for the horoscope cast for India
Ascendant – Punarvasu – Jupiter
Sun – Satabhisha – Rahu
Moon – Satabhisha – Rahu
Mars – Revati – Mercury
Venus – Revati – Mercury
Saturn – Moola – Ketu
Rahu – Magha – Ketu
Ketu – Satabhisha – Rahu
Nakshatra lordship appears on the right hand side of above table.
As you can observe maximum planets are in malefic Nakshatra’s except Venus and Mars. Some tough decisions on finance are in the pipeline for India – this will gain momentum or implemented by force when Saturn goes retrograde and transits into Scorpio April 6, 2017
Those with health issues like yours truly should take care with medication. Sleep maybe affected. Do please practice Pranayam or any yoga that you are already following. If you are not in yoga or pranayam (breathing exercises) as yet, visit some of the youtube videos for a quick demo. Practice if you will on a daily basis.
Tip: Stop listening to rumor mongering on social media, print or tv. This is the best way to detoxify the mind.
May the Goddess Bless you ­čÖé
Venus is exalted and with Mars, both Venus and Mars are in the Nakshatra whose lord is Mercury. Trade and contracts related to women will be the center stage. Sadly Venus is in the 8th house in Navamsa – Sagittarius. Mercury in Rahu’s Nakshatra – trade deals overseas is the key, but, some of these will be dubious in nature.

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