Transit Saturn – 2

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Saturn is in Moola Nakshatra right now, will exit June 22, 2017. It will return back on October 27, 2017 and will remain in Moola Nakshatra till November 28, 2018.
“Mula” or Moola translates into “the Root”, “the Center” or “the Innermost Core”. In our view, nothing really needs to be said about this asterism’s nature and functioning after its meaning is revealed. Mula is straight, direct and doesn’t like to beat about the bush. However, we nevertheless have no option but to carry on with our dissection of its roots.
Moola’s main symbol is a ‘tied bunch of roots’. Both its name and symbol emphasize the word ‘root’ and this asterism literally relates to the ‘root’ of everything. The fact that the center of our galaxy lies in it conveys the same idea. Just like its planetary ruler Ketu, this asterism deals with getting to the bottom/core of everything. In the trees and plants, roots are usually hidden, which means that this nakshatra deals with all kinds of hidden things, realms, events, motives, propensities etc. The tied bunch of roots also symbolizes the restrictive aspect of this asterism’. The term ‘root’ has another meaning in the word ‘rooted’. This nakshatra also relates to something properly rooted.
This gives a strong foundation to the actions of this nakshatra. Its symbol also means collecting or tying up what belongs to one. Ketu, as we know, is the one who stores past karmas and releases the ones ripe enough to be experienced !n the present life. It can help one collect the necessary tools from the past, which one requires in fulfilling one’s goal in the present life. This is suggested by the symbolism of tied roots. Mula thus helps one put together in a meaningful way one’s talents, which have developed in past lives ‘Just as a tree! Roots penetrate into the unseen realms beneath the earth’s surface, Mula has a lot to do with investigation into things unseen or unknown. Along with its counterpart Ardra, (which lies directly opposite in the zodiac of Gemini), Mula has the strongest and deepest sense of inquiry among all the nakshatras.
Moola Nakshatra also refers to Prakriti or Durga. One hell of a fierce force exists in this Nakshatra. This force maximizes at 3 deg 20 min!!
Tip: A native born in Mula Nakshatra is ideally matched with someone born in Ardra Nakshatra (the Nakshatra referred to Shiva) Only Lord Shiva has the powers to subdue of control Prakriti!! This is how it works!!
With transiting Saturn in Mula, the world will observe strange energy picking up, sometimes culminating with fierce impact!! Together with this, a Lunar Eclipse is scheduled on 11th Feb 2017, this will trigger events with much greater impact. More on this topic later 🙂