Transit Saturn


By Vedic Astrology (Sidereal), three days from today – that is 26th Jan 2017, Saturn will transit from Scorpio to Sagittarius – a sea change in policies and events are in store – some have already taken shape, more are waiting in the pipeline.
Scorpio, the sign of dark energy and Sagittarius – a fiery sign of brunt honesty and lot to do with Dharma (Sagittarius is the 9th Zodiac Sign and signifies Dharma) – events that are about to take shape will be mighty and forceful. Some will be unnerving and some will be plain astronomically ridiculous. Saturn indirectly exposes a sign it occupies. So, Saturn in the Zodiac of Sagittarius means Dharma of an individual, state, country will lay exposed for all and sundry. Some regale while others repent their choices!!
Those who have had horoscope readings from I, must revisit the reading and check on Saturn’s Ashtakavarga chart. If the points in Sagittarius are 5 or anywhere above 5 – the period ahead is that of gains and prosperity. For those whose Saturn’s Ashtakavarga indicates 4 or less points – they will come under much strain. They will feel as if the Universe has conspired against them.

Saturn’s Sade Satti:

Those who have Moon in Capricorn – this will mark the beginning of Saturn’s 7.5 years of dreaded cycle classically known as Sade Satti. Again Ashtakavarga points decide how this period may turn out to be for you. If in doubt, post your query below, OR if you wish to maintain secrecy, use the contact form elsewhere on this website to contact me for guidance.
Those who have Moon in the Zodiac of Sagittarius, this transit completes the first phase of 2.5 years of Sade Satti. Balance Five years are in store for you. Once again, check Ashtakavarga of Saturn to decipher what lies ahead?
God Bless all of you 🙂