Aroma Therapy

Aroma Therapy


This is much awaited Christmas Present for all of you. I offer Aroma Therapy reading based on Horoscope. Will have a new heading under Readings soon.

There are three different methods for application of aromatherapy.
Diffusion – subtle scent in the air
Inhalation – breathing of essential oil vapors directly
Topical – applying essential oils to the skin.

How to blend different essential oils for best effect?

Top notes: these are the first impression scents, the one that you smell first when you breathe in a blend. Top notes have tiny, light molecules that evaporate very quickly. These top note scents are often described as cheerful, bright, light, refreshing. Citrus oils fall into this category

Middle Notes: these are scents that emerge from a blend right after the top notes have evaporated away and give perfumes their main body, their ‘heart’, which is why the middle note is sometimes called the heart note. Middle notes do not evaporate as quickly as top notes and linger on the skin longer. Lavender is an example of this category.

Base notes: describe the oils that stay with you the longest. They have heavy molecules that take longer to evaporate. Base notes add depth and richness to the blend as well as acting as an anchor for the entire perfume. Sandalwood is one such note.

Astrologically a blend is always preferred for Aromatherapy

Here are some tips for you to whet the appetite 🙂

  1. For stomachache blend 2 drops of peppermint in teaspoon of carrier oil and massage on abdomen.
  2. When stressed, place one drop of lavender oil on your index finger, rub your two index fingers together, and then massage your temples.
  3. Long study night and need to pass a test? Rub a little basil and clove on your pencil. The scent and your handling of the pencil will improve concentration and memory retention.