Marriage Muhuratha


Marriage Muhuratha

Many communities and parents have the habit of asking an astrologer the BEST possible Muhurata to get their daughter/son married (Indian tradition of course). The rules to find out the perfect timing as in Marriage Muhurata is as complex as Vedic Astrology itself. Allow me to explain:

Every region in India has its own rules on appropriate timing for marriage. Regional Almanac or Panchang’s give a list of dates and time when marriage can be solemnized. For westerns this can be a real headache, for example, in North India – there is a rule where couple with troublesome horoscopes can get married during Nav Ratri that follows right after Pitri Paksha or Shraddha Paksh.

In other regions, the above rule is forbidden and NO marriage can be solemnized during Nav Ratri’s. So, this makes the job of an astrologer very tedious and complex.

I stopped giving advise on these lines because of several other factors – availability of Karma Kandi Pundit – the Pundit or priest who will officiate and conduct the wedding. These Priests are generally illiterate guys who have their own set of greed. They will rush to another client if he offers a higher fee. Not to mention these priests have the habit of solemnizing more than two marriages in a day. To date no groom or bride has ever attended a marriage ceremony on appointed time. So, where does Marriage Mahurata time calculated by an astrologer go?? To the dust bin exactly!!

Alternately, clients cannot offer the priests enough funds as fees to force the priest to stay with them for the entire duration of marriage ceremony!

The next step in marriage is transit planets which are adversely placed from each of the couple’s individual chart. Let me list some of the standard and recommended amount of recitation of mantras –

Transit Jupiter on day of Marriage

If transit Jupiter is in the 4th, 8th or 12th from Moon (in individual charts of the concerned couple) – the recitation for Jupiter’s mantra is 57,000 times! If transit Jupiter is adversely placed in both charts, the recitation is twice the aforesaid amount!

Transit Sun on day of Marriage

If transit Sun is in the 4th, 8th or 12th from Moon – identical to the above case, the number of Sun’s mantra’s are once again 57,000 times.

Transit Moon on day of Marriage

If transit Moon is in 4th, 8th or 12th from Moon – identical to the preceding explanation – the recommended recitation of Moon’s mantra is 33,000 times.

In Metropolitan cities the marriage muhuratha is once again decided by another additional factor – availability of marriage halls and office holiday to enable friends to attend the wedding. I can safely assume that as of today no family can attend such rigorous recitation of Mantra’s before the actual Marriage ceremony. So, Marriage Mahurata seekers themselves do NOT understand the process explained in the Shastras or scriptures!