Eclipses during September 2016

Solar Eclipse September 1, 2016

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September in 2016 will witness two eclipses. A Solar Eclipse is scheduled on 1st September 2016 which begins at 11:43 IST (Thursday) and ends at 17:30 IST. Time for other countries will wary, please visit this link for accurate information. This solar eclipse will not be visible in India. It starts at the Western tip of Africa and ends down South in the Indian Ocean. The shadow narrowly misses Sri Lanka.

Lunar Eclipse 16/17 September 2016

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Please note that all dates and timings appearing are based on Mumbai, India. Calculation of Day is once again Vedic Day which is from one Sunrise to next Sunrise. Cardinal Directions mentioned are based on a secret treatise based on Rahu.

Sun will be in Purva Phalguni Nakshatra (1st quarter or pad) and Moon will be in Purva Phalguni once again in the 1st quarter. When eclipse ends, Moon will have traversed over to Purva Phalguni 2nd quarter. Here is little info on Purva Phalguni shared in the Nakshatra section elsewhere on this blog:

Purva Phalguni is represented in the night sky by two bright stars in the back of the constellation of Leo. These stars can be seen forming a part of the lion shape usually associated with the constellation Leo. However ancient Vedic seers saw these two stars as representing the back legs of a cot (or the two poles of a swinging hammock). These stars are known in modern astronomy as Delta-Leonis (Zosma) and Theta-Leonis (Chertan). With a visual magnitude of 2.56, Zosma is the brighter one among them. It is very easy to locate these stars in the night sky as Leo is the brightest among the twelve zodiacal constellations. These stars are located to the left of the bright star Regulus where the hind legs of the lion figure of Leo are supposed to be. Zosma lies on top of Chertan.

Those who wish to know more about Purva Phalguni, may follow this link


Solar Eclipse in Purva Phalguni: Historically speaking a Solar Eclipse occurred in Purva Phalguni when Late Princess Diana died in a horrific accident that we all know. The date of Solar Eclipse in 1997 was September 2, 1997 (Monday) and this was a Partial Solar Eclipse. Late Princess Diana died a few days earlier, that is on August 31, 1997 (Saturday).

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Princess Diana’s death: The day when she died, Moon was transiting thru Ashresha Nakshatra 2nd quarter – one of the Gandanta Nakshatras and well known for unleashing its serpent like fangs and troubles when opportunity arises. Moon was transiting thru Ashresha August 30, 1997 @ 18:40 hrs (Saturday – Cardinal direction South) to August 31, 1997 @ 21:26 (Sunday – Cardinal Direction NE). September 2, 1997 Solar Eclipse began around 3:14 (Monday) and ended on September 2, 1997 @ 7:53 (Tuesday) – a few days later. It is well documented that Eclipse’s results are known to materialize few days earlier or later.

Lunar Eclipse: A total Lunar Eclipse occurred on 16/17 September 1997.

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Transition between a Watery Sign and Fire Sign:

In any case when Moon transits from Cancer (a Watery sign) over to Leo (a Fire Sign) – matters are not so sweet. Ashresha Nakshatra lies at the end of Cancer Zodiac and Magha is at the beginning of Leo Zodiac. This is where Water and Fire meet so to speak. Purva Phalguni is right after Magha. The destructive forces may not be apparent otherwise, but these are unleashed during an Eclipse – more so during a Solar Eclipse.


Solar Eclipse: Rahu will be eclipsing Sun, and Rahu is known to have a half serpent body. An explosive combination definitely. A Solar Eclipse is scheduled on 1st September 2016 which begins at 11:43 IST (Thursday) and ends at 17:30 IST (Thursday).

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Moon begins it transit thru Ashresha Nakshatra on August 30, 2016 @ 9:12:30 (Tuesday – Cardinal direction East) and exits on August 31, 2016 @ 9:48:33 (Wednesday – Cardinal direction South).

So, do we expect to see trouble and tragedies? May God help us, but, the chances are quite ripe. When is it likely going to happen? I have already mentioned the date and time when Moon transits thru Ashresha, chances are ripe within this time frame.

Lunar Eclipse: A Penumberal Lunar Eclipse is scheduled on 16/17 September, 2016. This lunar eclipse starts on September 16, 2016 @ 22:24:42 IST and ends September 17, 2016 @ 2:23:59 IST. More about this later.

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