Swara Shastra – 2

Swara Shastra

Here are some practical uses of breath control

When you are about to leave house, as you exit ensure that left nostril (Moon) is active. While returning, as you enter your house right nostril (Sun) as active nostril is best.

When you wish to enter in a competition or challenge someone, it is best that right nostril is active. When engaged in gentle activities left nostril is best. Sushmana Nadi (both nostril’s) active is best for meditation.

Likewise when starting a journey, watch your active nostril. Step forward with the same foot, this ensures success.

Co-relation between Moon Cycles

During Shukla Paksha (the bright half of Moon’s cycle), first three Lunar days (tithi) are when Left nostril is active when you get up in the morning – the duration is 2.5 Ghati’s or one hour. During Krishna Paksha – the dark half, right nostril is active for first three Tithis when you get up in morning – the duration is once again 2.5 Ghati’s or one hour.

Co-relation between different week days

Thursday, Friday, and Wednesday – if during these days the left nostril is active, all gentle activities meet success. If at the same time the Moon’s Phase is also the Bright half, it gives instant success.

Sunday, Tuesday and Saturday – if during these days the right nostril is active, it gives success in competitive activities – the exact word is Krura. If at the same time the Moon’s Phase is Dark Half, it gives instant success.

Co-relation between different Tattva during each day –

Vayu (Air), Agni (Fire), Prithvi (Earth) and finally Jala (Water) Tattva follow in each day. The duration of these Tattva’s is once again 2.5 Ghati’s – that is one hour. During this one hour duration, each of these Tattva’s follow a one after another and thus the cycle repeats thru the day. Please note that the definition of Vedic day is different from Gregorian Calendar. In Vedic the Day is from one Sunrise to another Sunrise.

During Sunrise if right nostril is active, likewise, if during Moon rise left nostril is active -every activity meets with success.

Quite naturally if the opposite of above happens, do not attempt any serious activity, it will meet with failures or you will end up with quarrels and disappointments. When this happens for eight consecutive days, serious illness ensues.

When you get up in the morning –

Observe the active nostril. Use the hand on the same side to touch your face and then put the same side foot down on the ground and commence your daily duties.

Activities to be attempted when left nostril is active – the list is huge, so, here is a concise list
Marriage, buying jewelery, house building, visiting temples, taking medicines, getting into new relationships, greh pravesh (entering a new house).

When right nostril is active –
The right word is Krur – difficult and cruel activities such as Mantra sadhna, physical relationships (sex), going on a sea voyage, wine drinking, siddhis of krur devtas (witchcraft), learning firearms, going for hunting, trading in animals, breaking old houses, grinding and polishing gems, Vashikaran, going on a war, etc., etc.

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