Mercury in Mundane Astrology


This post is about Mercury. Mercury is lord of two signs in horoscope – Gemini and Virgo. Mercury when applied to Gemini is all about ignorance, endless debates, arguments without reason, upstart and essentially all the qualities of a young prince – obsessed with looks and then trying to prove his worth.

Mercury as in Virgo is all about gaining experience, being dominating, being a bully, obsessed with cleanliness and sanitation, cribbing over just anything and finally someone like a virgin maid who protects herself.

In Vedic astrology Mercury was generally applied to nation like USA who believes in freedom to do what they want, free sex, hell may care attitude and a welcoming nation who laid the foundation of a free country – free from influence of religion, caste, race, nationality and barriers.

Slowly and steadily USA has gained the status of Mercury as applied to Virgo personality – who is obsessed with dominance, being a bully, obsessed with sanitizing their borders and their home front, trying to obsessed with preventing people following religion of their choice, of preventing people from a particular religion from entry to their country.

USA seems to have progressed a natural progression. Both Clinton and Trump want control, want their nation sanitized, being bullies – they have supporters among the public.

Coming on to Brexit coming close to when Jupiter and Rahu will be conjunct – the worst decision ever will be dished out during this transit.