Missing Person – A case study

Horoscope Case Study

Case of a missing land dealer

There are various shades of property dealers, many deal with rental properties, some deal with new construction, some are into re-sale of property, and still very rare are those persons who deal with land. This case relates to a gentleman of the last category who rose to dizzying heights of success over land deals. He had a knack of sort of ‘cracking the deal’ and getting land for builders who will use his services to acquire land for building new buildings. This dealer had expanded into land dealing where clandestine deals were also required, and as you might have guessed it, this also involved working hand in glove with underworld and unscrupulous politician cum land grabbers who excelled in this area.

One fine day in May 2012 I received an urgent call from a known acquaintance who was himself into property deals and knew the above mentioned person, maybe family relations too. The call was to quickly arrive with all tools of my astrology trade and visit him in his office. When I visited him, about four people were already in the office. My friend, his uncle, another person from their trade and one more gentleman were in attendance. The case was of a missing person. Our gentleman from the first para had suddenly gone missing and I was introduced to a family member who was extremely disturbed because the property dealer never left without informing his family.

Without much ado I cast a Prashna [horary] chart, asked for missing person’s natal chart, did some calculations and announced my observations. Much to everyone’s surprise I announced that I had my doubts that our gentleman was alive at the moment when I cast the prashna? I raised a query whether there were any outstanding debts to which I received a confirmation that, yes, this was part and parcel of such trade and transactions were intermingled with funds from one transaction often paid as fees for another transaction. To my surprise my friend informed me, that, for this missing person to dish out few million dollars in Indian currency was child’s play and I could judge monumental trade he was involved?

At this point, the sole occupant of my friend’s office whose identity was not revealed, suddenly, he replied back with statement which negated my observations. He was from a very famous Ashram and wearing over a dozen of Rudraksh rosaries around his neck. He started babbling out obscure references to Sanskrit Mantras and said that my observations were in error and within a week’s time we should expect missing person’s return.

Natal Chart: birth time altered to conceal real birth time

N missing person updated

All of this cast a doubt, a doubt every mathematician has over calculations – I rechecked my calculations and humbly announced that we should expect ‘news’ about his death in a week’s time, but there were NO doubts over him having survived current planetary transits. The meeting ended with a debate over who was right and who was in error? I returned back with a heavy heart and almost risked my profession over something which could change if birth time was in error.

Below is Solar Return or Tajaka chart for above person

N missing person varsha phala 2012

About ten days later my friend called up to narrate another sad story of having received news that our land dealer guy was indeed murdered over professional debts and double crossing where hired goons had indeed kidnapped him, and slaughtered him. Parts of his body were discovered by the police after paying hefty sum as ransom over a dead person! Just like all other high profile cases this too was hushed up and never ended up as a news item or find a mention in local newspapers. Our friend from the ashram was conspicuous by his absence, he did not show up at all!

Below is Bhinna Ashtakavarga table for Natal chart with table without reductions, trikona reductions and then finally on extreme right with ekadhipatya reductions

missing person N bavg

I am posting birth chart, the horary chart, dasa chart and solar return chart. Birth time has been altered to conceal the real birth time. Suffice it to say that it was a Dwijanma year from him with the ascendant in solar return matching with his natal ascendant. If anything that could possibly go wrong with transits, it had gone wrong for this gentleman. For those wondering how I calculated troublesome Nakshatra’s? The math is very simple. Simply check the Bhinna Astakavarga bindu’s of house sixth from Saturn in Saturn’s own Ashtakavarga. Multiply this figure with Sodhya Pinda of Saturn. Divide this product with 27 and find the remainder, the remainder will indicate the Nakshatra counted from Ashwini onward. Of particular mention is Purva Phalguni where transit Mars was located on the day of judgement. Whenever Malefic planets transit thru such sensitive Nakshatra’s in a native’s chart, the native suffers ill effects.

Saturn in his natal chart is in the sign of Aquarius, so, taking the sixth sign therefrom Saturn has 4 bindu’s in Cancer. Saturn’s Sodhya Pinda is 183. So, 183 x 4= 732. Divide 732 by 27 and we have 27 as quotient and 3 as remainder. Counting 3rd as starting Nakshatra from Ashwini we have the following list of Nakshatra’s which can bring trouble for him -Krittika, Punarvasu, Purva Phalguni, Swati, Moola, Dhanishta and so on.

Transits on the day of judgement – May 24, 2012 – the day when case was presented before yours truly. On this day Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter were in Krittika. Mars was transiting thru Purva Phalguni.

transits on day of judgement Bhinna Ashtakavarga of Natal – check the 11th house (in SAV), it has a massive score of 50!! Such charts are rare to come by.

n akvg