Sankranti Dosha – A Case Study

Horoscope Case Study

How Sankranti Dosha afflicts a person?

Sankranti means Solar ingress into a Zodiac Sign defined by Vedic Sidereal Zodiac.

Sankranti is the time when Sun has entered the sign and resides in the first degree of the sign (0 to 1 deg). Find the Vedic Week day on which the Sun enters zero degrees of a zodiac sign. That entire day will have Sankranti Dosha [Dosha – Affliction]. The Vedic day in which this happens is relevant causing seven types of Sankranti.

Sankara also is the name for Lord Shiva, and hence Sankranti refers to the ire of Shiva, in his various forms. We may hence infer that Sankranti makes the planet [graha] which lords the day of birth inauspicious, and the native suffers the anger of Shiva. For this reason we must study the lordships of that graha in the horoscope and decide the negative circumstances arising out of this.

For instance Sun entered Pisces on March 14, 2016 and around 11:30 Hrs IST, Sun was just few minutes into Pisces. The Vedic Day was Monday, hence Moon for a native born on this day will cause ire of Shiva. Note that Moon was also in the sign of Taurus and exalted for practical purposes. But, being on a day of Sankranti Dosha, Moon cannot bring good results for the native. Charts will be posted at the end of this lesson for study purposes. This is exactly why new ventures are delayed by few days, if needed, to ward of misfortunes in a chart. However, we cannot delay a child birth.

P Sankranti 2016

Seven different forms of Lord Shiva related to seven different Vedic Weekdays are

  1. Sunday – Ghora
  2. Monday – Dhvanksi
  3. Tuesday – Mahodari
  4. Wednesday – Manda
  5. Thursday – Mandakini
  6. Friday – Mishra
  7. Saturday – Rakshasi.

As a remedial measure an idol of appropriate form of Shiva is worshiped, details are outside the scope of discussion here.

Some real life cases are mentioned below:

First Chart:

This horoscope belongs to a lady who suffered night blindness from childhood and progressive myopia later. Several surgical procedures including Radial Keratomy could not correct her problem. Sadly no astrologer recommended remedies and now it is already too late. Sun in her chart is 0deg 39min 28sec into Sagittarius. The lady has barely any vision right now and totally blind during night time!

S dosha

The Vedic Weekday was a Tuesday, hence this was Mahodari Sankranti. Mars in her chart lords the 4th and 11th house. She barely moves out of her house, has very few friends. Luckily for her, she has extremely caring husband and a son who takes care for her.

Second Chart:

Sankranti 2

*Birth details omitted for privacy concerns.

As you can see Sun is 0deg 25sec into Capricorn. This lady was born on a Tuesday Vedic Day, hence this was once again Mahodari Sankranti. Mars is in the 5th house. Mars lords 4th and 9th house. Her mother suffered a severe concussion to her head and bled internally. She had to undergo open skull surgery to save her life. Her father too is suffering from severe illness. She belongs to a community where horoscopes are never consulted, hence no remedies were performed.

Third Chart:

Sankranti 3

*Birth details omitted for privacy concerns

As you can see Sun is at 0deg 8min into Leo, the chart belongs to an Autistic Boy. The Vedic Weekday was a Monday, hence this was Dhvanski Sankranti. Moon as the lord of Monday is debilitated in the eight house Scorpio. Moon lords the fourth house in his chart. His house was practically destroyed when floods inundated his residence!

Fourth Chart

S dosha 4

Sun is 0deg 56sec into Scorpio, the Vedic Weekday was a Friday, hence this was Mishra Sankranti. Venus is the lord of Ascendant and sixth house, Venus occupies sixth house. Native has been into successive abusive relationships leading to severe depression.

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