Tattva Dosha – A case study

Horoscope Case StudyHow elective surgery can go wrong?

Basic step taught to a Vedic Astrology Student is to check the Panchanga or Vedic Almanac for the day of birth and then proceed further with study of chart. Vedic Panchanga can offer valuable clues. For instance a person born on a Tithi (Lunar Date) and on a Vaara or Vedic Weekday, when both of these have identical lordship a unique affliction arises. Since Vedic Weekday is defined from Sunrise to next Sunrise, the Element is thus Agni or Fire. Tithi is a Lunar Date and defined as angular distance between Sun and Moon (in multiples of 12 deg), the Element is thus Water. When water and fire combine on a day, an elemental dosha or affliction arises. In all cases the mother of the native was under depression and in much pain during birth of the native. The affected Zodiac Sign and house is defined by the rulership of concerned Tithi/Vaara. This is better explained by an example chart below –

The native was born on Shukla Dwitiya or the second lunar date in the bright half and on a Monday, both these are ruled by Moon. Since Moon rules one Zodiac Sign – Cancer is afflicted and then the sign occupied by Moon. The natal chart has Cancer as ascendant with the ascendant lord debilitated in the 5th house along with Sun, Mars and Mercury. Saturn is in ascendant, North Node Rahu occupies fourth house, Venus in the sixth house, South Node Ketu in the tenth house and a retrograde Jupiter in the eleventh house.

ES natal

Varsha Tajaka Chart

As if this wasn’t enough, the native decided to go for an elective surgery without consulting a Vedic Astrologer. He however, approached yours truly, having suffered more than a month after what was supposed to be a simple procedure.

ES solar return

Let us look at the Varsha Pravesha chart (above) for the native. This was a Dwijanma year for the native, which means Solar return chart has the same Ascendant Zodiac sign as natal sign. Dwijanma means twice born, which causes difficulties through the year. The profected ascendant or Muntha had traveled to the fourth house, causing property related matters and travel to be at the center stage.

Varshesh or year lord is Moon once again. Jupiter occupies second house, Rahu, Mars and Venus in the third, fifth house has Sun, Mercury and Saturn, ninth house has Ketu, and tenth house has Moon. The native ended up being at the wrong end of the stick and suffered heavily, necessitating another two rounds of surgeries to arrest swelling and septicemia.

ES surgery date

Chart for day of surgery above is self explanatory. The day was a Wednesday with Lord of the day Mercury debilitated in the 7th house Pisces. Without consulting Vedic Panchanga it is difficult to give correct predictions.

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