Jyotish Fundamentals – 4

Jyotish Fundamentals

Jyotish Fundamentals – The Planets

Before I start describing, it will be prudent to post a link to Navgraha Kavach Mantra – the mantra for protection from ALL Nine planets



Sun is once again a Luminary in Vedic Astrology.
Sun will indicate ambition, authority, bile problems, boldness, chest and head, consciousness, courage, determination, energy, eyesight or weakness thereof, faith, fame, father, hot, inflexible, king, impact of one’s personality, influence, nobility, optimism, personality, political power, reliance on self, soul and vitality.

Additionally Sun is also considered as the source of ALL life on this planet. Without having the Sun around, no life will be possible. A special word is used to describe this – Atma Bhandar – the storehouse of souls! This is of particular importance in a chart of a lady, if she has trouble in getting children. Vedic Astrology looks at progeny on two levels – whether the lady will conceive and carry a child to term. The second level is whether a soul is willing to be born thru the womb of the lady. I have on record cases where the lady carries pregnancy no more than few months, beyond which either it stops growing, she has a miscarriage or simply put the fetus does not show any movement or growth beyond a point. This is a lengthy topic, maybe we can discuss it at length later 🙂

Sun also indicates the Jathragni – the digestive fire in stomach which digests food! And of course the fire element in body

Like life, Sun is also the giver of Yoga’s – the planetary combinations which bring prosperity and status to a native. If Sun is blemished in a chart, all of the yoga’s will be wanting or just a fleeting glance for a native.

Sun in the 12th house is considered as the Marana Karaka Sthana for Sun – death like suffering for Sun! Hence, in a chart of a lady – Sun is welcome in any other house except the 12th



Moon again is a Luminary in Vedic Astrology, but, it has a dependency on Sun, without which Moon cannot be luminous. Moon is considered most important planet in Vedic Astrology simply because all of Vedic Almanac depends on calculation of Tithi or Lunar Dates and checking various Tattva [Element]. Will describe this in detail later.

Moon also indicates beauty, conception, childbirth, blood, calmness, mental condition, clothes, mother, emotions, feminine qualities, glandular system, groceries, commodities, basics, overall health, overall life (like first house), nocturnal, navigation, nourishing, passion, romance, peace, thinking, vegetation, want of practicality, white, water, womb.

Sun’s rays are burning, while that of Moon are soothing and calming. Moon is considered as the healer in Vedic Astrology. 12th house from Moon will show sleep or lack of it. Fourth from Moon will show healing. If the fourth house from Moon has malefics, healing is denied or painfully slow for the native

Moon represents the water element in the body. This gains importance in medical aspect of astrology where any affliction to moon causes the water element to deplenish – absence of which is, of course, death! This is best studied in the Somnath Drekanna or the 3rd Divisional chart and of Somnath delineation. Particularly in this divisional chart, the water element or Moon is studied in hard to cure disease – for example Cancer! If a Malefic planet has an aspect on Moon, the native suffers a lot.

Eight house in horoscope is the Marana Karaka Sthana for Moon – Moon suffers death like suffering if located in the 8th house in a horoscope. Simply because a mother cannot see her children being killed – Moon is the mother

Interestingly the D3 Somnath will also show when a person will initiate physical relationships – excess of water element or certain aspects within this chart will show when a native will have sex! Successfully predicted in cases where the lady was raped against her will.

This is a research by yours truly, some of it was taught by Fourth Jyotish Guru under oath! So, this is where I will stop

If Sun is the giver of Yoga’s, Moon is the sustainer of Yoga’s. Moon’s strength in a horoscope will show how long will a Yoga last for a native



Mercury is considered as the young prince in Vedic Astrology. Like just any prince, he is quick to learn, but, when in bad company – picks up lot of trash! He is also the upstart and without experience of a lifetime.

Mercury will show accuracy, analytical adjustment, not originality, averse to love/devotion, communications, editing, comprehension, research, computer knowledge, convertible nature, sexless [eunuch], diplomacy, discrimination, elegance, eloquence, fun, liberal, general success, green things, idealism, averse to intelligence, knowledge, wit, intuition, memory, logic, journalists, mathematics, medicine, astrology, medium of truth, sciences, messengers, public speakers, polarization, its central quality, publishers, scholars, short distance day to day travel, skin, virility, speech, writing, study, books, education, Vishnu [one of the Trinities in Hindu Pantheon]

Mercury owns two Zodiac Signs – Gemini and Virgo. The difference lies between carelessness and superficial knowledge in Gemini AND experience and wiser judgement in Virgo! Mercury as related to Virgo can also mean bossiness and overpowering.

Second from Mercury will show what causes us to speak. For example, if Moon is in the second house from Mercury – the native will respond to kindness and affection. This is particularly important in charts of Autistic children where it is difficult to get a response from them. This is minutely studied in cases of children and remedy recommendations are suggested if child is poor in academics.

Seventh house in a horoscope is Marana Karaka Sthana for Mercury simply because logic does not work, one needs to be practical and many of us lack commonsense!



Venus – hahaha is the lady of the Zodiac and gazillion shades thereof.

Venus rules amusements, arts, beauty, pleasures, dance, attachment to things, attraction to the opposite sex, capacity to enjoy life, care for ones body charm, feminine graces, clothes, comforts, enjoyments, conveyances, cultured, delightful, sociable, fortune, fame, generative system, happiness, harmony, health, illusion, infatuation, passions, immorality, secret of intoxicating drinks, kidneys, love, lust, affairs, romance, making others happier, marriage, musicians, refined, polished, sex in all aspects, sexual and love happiness, wealth, prosperity, gems, wife, women, pink or rainbow color, worldliness, opposite or renunciation.

Sixth house in a horoscope is Marana Karaka Sthana for Venus because Venus – the lady hates logic, she feels subjugated and treated like a doormat in the sixth house [more of this later]. I have cases where the couple was all very lovey dovey when it came to courtship, but the lady discovered herself as a house maid once she was married. She was treated like a maid or servant and nothing beyond that!

Venus also rules endocrine organs in the body. This subject is huge with specific organs mapped in divisional charts – more of it later.

Spirituality is giving up comforts and lust. In the charts of so called saints where Venus is prominent and strong – they are worth less than a dime when it comes to spirituality or saintliness. Sooner or later they have to face the music of defamation!

Venus rules two Zodiac Signs – in Taurus – the lady is fond of good things [possessions] in life. If case of Libra – the zodiac sign that rules the market area – the lady is here to make a quick buck, hope you understand.

Moon and Venus are the two ladies of the zodiac. If Moon and Venus are in angles in a horoscope, the native will experience troubles at the hands of spouse and mother – two swords cannot be accommodated in one sheath!

If Venus is in the 5th house from Ascendant or Moon, the native is, essentially, the grease in relationships – the eternal lover of the zodiac. The native is a magnet for babies and kids.

If Venus is in the 9th from Moon or Ascendant – persons of the opposite sex will be attracted towards the native like flies on sugar syrup!

Venus is also attributed to the Danav Guru or the teacher of Demons in Hindu mythology. If someone has read the Epic Ramayana – here the Guru of Ravan – was Shukracharya – Shukra is Venus in Hindi. Venus is all things that are related with visibility – like appearance for example. Nobody will buy a good product, unless it is packaged and presented beautifully – this is where advertising industry thrives! So, no matter how the product may function later on, people will buy it, if it looks nice on the shelves.

The same applies to glossy magazines where models are photoshopped to look blemish free, not to mention their figure is manipulated too. Nobody wants to look at pimples and sagging breasts – right?? It is the packaging that matters


Mangal 2

Mars is the warrior of the zodiac – the one who obeys rules with strict discipline and brutal strength!

Mars shows ability to organize, accidents, bleeding, disaster, actions of heroism, aggressiveness, ambitions, averse to control, bases, military, brothers, caution, determination, enduring, chemistry, chivalry, competition, combat, confidence, courage, daring, enemies, energy, impulsive, impatient, engineers, precision, goal oriented, hates opposition, inimical to idleness, Jupiter regulates him, love for work, manliness, prince’s passion, extravagance, police, army, fire, rescue, red things, self confidence, self employed, non-subordinate, strength, muscles!

The fourth house in the horoscope is Marana Karaka Sthana for Mars, simply because a soldier too relents when he faces a tearful mom. His bravado vanishes and he lays down his weapons!

When Mars is anywhere near the South Node or Ketu, this makes for a volatile and highly explosive combination – this combo when placed well in a horoscope, the native is one individual who is hyper active and just acts without thinking about its consequences – this combo is good in services – say the military and fire fighting. But, extremely bad because, it can turn a person into a maniacal killer and a murderer!

When Mars is beautifully placed, the native can become a model or a body builder!



Jupiter is the Dev Guru or the teacher of the Gods! He is one who favors the righteous King. He can openly criticize the King if his actions are not worthy. Jupiter fears none.

Jupiter will indicate astrology, councilors, advisors, religiousness, belief in God, priests, teachers, judges, children, guardianships, charity, generosity, contentment, laziness, fat, expansion, largeness, devotion, faith, hope, higher aspect of intelligence, fairness, justice, honesty, financial dealings, foreign affairs, God’s grace in this world, honor, lawfulness, master of knowledge & wisdom, insurance, legal matters, medicine, occult sciences, physicians, liver (purification of blood), morality, conservative optimism, peace, opulence, performance of sacrifices, perpetuation of established codes, philosophy, pilgrimage, religious vocations, reputation, trust, scriptures, vedas.

The third house in a horoscope is the Marana Karaka Sthana for Jupiter simply because using the principle of bhavat bhavam – if the 8th house rules sex and sex ability, the 8th from the 8th – the third house also rules sex. Jupiter’s knowledge is of little use here, so, he hates to see himself in this condition.

Jupiter is debilitated in the zodiac sign of Capricorn – the zodiac sign that rules jungles – this is where no one wants to listen to Jupiter’s preaching!!

Similarly Jupiter and Saturn in conjunction in a native’s chart indicates loss of whatever Jupiter relates – essentially loss of morality!

Jupiter also indicates to Poorva Janma Punya – the good deeds done in previous lives – the accumulated good karma which a native enjoys in this lifetime. Similarly Jupiter’s aspect on 5th and 9th houses therefrom indicates good deeds done in past!



Saturn is also known as Surya Putra – or the son of Sun. The famous mantra || Nilanjana samabhasam raviputram yamagrajam chaya martanda sambhutam tam namami shaishcharam|| sums it up. The literal meaning is – I bow down to Lord Shani (Saturn) Dev who is effulgent as that of a blue flowers (Nilanjana is name of flower – deep indigo in color). He is the son of Lord Surya (sun god) with his consort Chaya [shadow] and the brother of Yama (god of death). Yama here is not Pluto, Pluto is Yam – although the hindi pronunciation is somewhat similar.

So, Saturn is the hard task master of the Zodiac and rules the lowly class of people. The ant people, who work relentlessly without earning much. The sick, lame and the cripple are ruled by Saturn. Saturn indicates our ego wherever he is located in horoscope. If Saturn is in the 10th house, the native has massive ego in his/her work area!

Saturn shows adversities, captivity, difficulties, austerities, denied enjoyment, barriers, bondage, deterrence, black, blue, grey, dangers, destruction, dejection, depression, discipline [here discipline is different from that of Mars, it is all of doing repetitive tasks] destroyer of illusion, dreadful terms, endless, helplessness, frustrations, introverted, humiliation, martyrs, inactivity, lack of desire, low class ways/people, mental trouble, misery, misfortunes, monks, sanyasis, old persons, death, bones, persistent, patience, philosophers, profound, poverty, sorrows, power for austerity, profession in general, seriousness, slow, gradual nature, surrender, thin, lean, unattractive to worldly people, undesirable things, worker class.

The first house is the Marana Karaka Sthana for Saturn. His delays are not required here. If a native has Saturn in Ascendant, the person is a lazy fellow.

Saturn though the hard task master of the zodiac, he never denies, but delays always!


Rahu and Ketu – the North Node and South Nodes of the Moon – these gain the status of shadowy planets in Vedic Astrology. For legend and explanation, check my blog post.

North Node – Rahu


He is the Head of the Demon who was cut into two by Lord Vishnu – the South Node or Ketu is the torso. Both are enemies of the luminaries and chase them forever causing an eclipse at opportune times.

Rahu is also known as the great illusion, insatiable greed and the Yoni Mukha. Wherever Rahu is located in a horoscope, the native will experience illusions around properties of that house. When conjunct with planets – Rahu tends to explode qualities to unimaginable proportions. For instance if Rahu is conjunct with Venus and this combo has an aspect on Ascendant, the native will be a glutton and greedy for comforts, wine and women [or opposite sex] – the native will stoop at nothing to get comforts in life, even if that means loot and plunder. Women especially, with such combination stay around rich men and bathe in luxury. On the negative side Rahu’s association with Venus makes such women be treated as doormats – but these women will complain and still stick around men with luxuries. Why bother to work hard for comforts when you can just borrow, beg or steal is their moto??

Coming on the actual description of Rahu – Rahu is black in color and has hair all over. Rahu is known as Yoni Mukha – So, indirectly Rahu rules all of body hair and all openings which are covered with hair. Out of the nine portals in the body (except for mouth in women), all other openings are covered with hair. The two eyes have eye lashes, two nostrils have hair, both ear have hair and then the sex organ and anus – these are covered with hair. All body pores are ruled by Rahu. Check Rahu in a horoscope if the person perspires a lot or nothing – you will make an interesting discovery.

Rahu is also the controller and granter of wealth. Rahu is also the controller and granter of spouse and marriage. Rahu’s blessings are essential when it comes to getting wealth, inversely Rahu also decides when a person will come to a naught or a beggar on the streets! This part of predicting when Rahu grants wealth or marriage is taught in advanced course by yours truly!

Rahu is also the great illusion – in a mundane chart for example, beginning of an enterprise, it is essential to check on Rahu, for he decides where illusion is focused in the chart. At an opportune time Rahu can flip the tables over and the enterprise can go bankrupt!

Enough of Rahu, now let me say something about Ketu!!


Ketu 2

Ketu is the torso described earlier. Ketu rules headless actions of a native. Check South Node in a horoscope and you will quickly discover where a native exercises headless actions!

Ketu is also the Maha Shunya or the Black Hole of the zodiac. Wherever Ketu is located in a horoscope, the native will experience all of the qualities and associations of that house come to a naught.

Vedic Astrology has something known as Planetary periods. If a native is under Ketu’s planetary period and gets ill, doctors will fail to diagnose his illness and instead prescribe all sorts of procedures and diagnostics to ‘find’ his/her illness – the native will continue to suffer and receive undesirable medicines which aggravate his illness further. Great confusion prevails during ketu’s period!

When Ketu is conjoined with planet/s it literally sucks the life out of it except maybe Jupiter. A conjunction between Jupiter and Ketu is considered good for spirituality.


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