Criminal in YOU

Criminal in you

Zodiac Guide to Criminal in YOU


Hitler was an Arian. World domination, hatred and utter ruthlessness of means characterised his behaviour. The Arian has no use for poison, his are the crimes of passion, savage and terrifying. He is the warrior, the hunter of the Zodiac. He is the tiger of the forest of the night.


The Taurean is sensual and slow, but sure. He plods his way to your utter destruction. Crimes of the sex, robbery, art objects, land, building and farming are associated with them. Yet they are shrewd. Once their creature comforts are satisfied, they will not attack.


The Geminian excels at cheating in games of chance, be it the roulette, horse-racing, sports, lucky draws, puzzles, forging cheques, impersonating people, spying for adventure and the ‘filthy-lucre’ s up his street. Like Pisces he also has a split-personality – he can do two things at the same time.


The Cancerian is the psychic. He has an inbuilt radar, his intuition. It tells him when and how to hit. He is timid, he shivers in his trousers when committing a crime, but the iron is in his soul. He could murder you for two bucks and weep copious tears at your funeral. He is also capable of nagging you into suicide.


The crimes attributable to the Leon’s are those figuring gambling and speculation, a major blow to pride and self-respect, any obstacle ‘in the path of true love’, jealousy of artists and actions, a struggle for power in higher circles, etc. Like a lion on the rampage he is capable of terrible destruction.


Beware if the injection your Virgoan doctor gives you if he suspects you have played around with his wife! Virgoans are noted for their carefulness, their attention to details, therefore, your blood will not be splattered around with a vicious head blow – it will be a quiet, peaceful slumber for you.


The crimes associated with Librans would be – sex, genocide, war, egotism, indomitable laying down the law, a hatred of conventionally, a mania to be the new Messiah! What makes it doubly dangerous is his charisma, the debating skill. He excels in “breaking the law, legally”. He could win over your confidence and sell your secrets to the highest bidder.


The sign Scorpio has a hot line with sex, and sin, hatred and revenge, and lust for power and wealth. It is associated with murder, poisoning, rape, financial wizardry, spying, blackmail and intrigue. Beware! A Scorpio can be cunning as a serpent, as quick as a panther, a revengeful as the elephant! Better to tangle with a tiger than a Scorpio! Afraid of shadows, he will plan and execute a kill with precision.


A perverted Sagittarian could kidnap and keep you for “keeps” sans ransom and sans relief. He could train an Alsatian to tear you to shreds. He would gladly forge certificates to give himself a Ph. D. or put on the arms of a world philosopher, a saint. His versatility is dangerous.


If criminality gets hold of Capricornian, he will plan it all out to a nicety, keep a steady finger on the trigger and press it after you are smack-centre of the rifle “sights”. So thorough and ruthless he will be, he will also read it all in morning papers while sipping his tea – without batting an eyelid.


The Aquarian criminal is likely to be erratic but brilliant. He will hesitate, prevaricate, but perhaps, he will use the latest electronic device to get rid of you. He may well be an anarchist or a revolutionary, because he will convince himself that your death was absolutely for the cause of humanity.


The Piscean is the most versatile of criminals. His speciality will be forgery, conspiracy, sabotage, financial legerdemain, conning and chicanery. By Western Astrology, the sign Pisces stands for hidden matters, secrecy etc. It being a dual sign has a natural tendency to split itself into Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

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