Solar Eclipse – March 2016

march 8 eclipse

Solar Eclipse – March 8/9, 2016

Total Solar Eclipse on the 9th March 2016

Unlike the lunar eclipse which has a more spiritual signification as well as personal, the solar eclipse is of much greater importance as this shows the world changing around us.

Type of Eclipse: The solar eclipse is far more serious than a lunar eclipse. However, this year, 2016 it is far more dangerous and is a ‘total eclipse’ occurring on 9th March, 2016.

Path of Eclipse: This eclipse will be visible in India in the early hours that is beginning 5 AM. The Eclipse starts over Bay of Bengal and travels eastward ending over the Pacific Ocean – covering all of South-East nations. This Solar eclipse happens in the Poorva Bhadrapada Nakshatra – considered to be one of the cruel Nakshatra.

This Solar Eclipse will be harder on all of the nations in its path, see map for more details.

General effect: Globally the people will tend to become unruly and unjust. Couples will quarrel and divorces and separation will be on the increase. The Brahmins and priests will cease to have faith in prayer or meditation which will bring down the consciousness globally to a more tamas (dark) level. People are sad and discontented.

Who needs to check chart?

Eclipse Date
1) The eclipse occurs on March 9, 2016 in India. People born close to these dates, say one week before and after the eclipse, must have their charts checked by a capable Vedic astrologer who should provide accurate analysis of their natal chart and the eclipse transit.

2) The eclipse will impact the health and/or life of people born in the same month as that of the eclipse (especially when the eclipse is in the same nakṣatra as natal Sun). We are talking about all people in general, born between 9 Jan and 9 April.

3) People born in Poorva Bhadrapada Nakshatra are most affected – that moon in the Nakshatra of Poorva Bhadrapada [Check Separate post on Poorva Bhadrapada in Nakshatra -8]. The same applies to all people who have just any planet in this Nakshatra. For westerners this Nakshatra is 3/4th portion in Aquarius and then the balance 1/4th part is in the sign of Pisces. Use Sidereal position of planets

Hint: Generally observed – people either experience effects of eclipse two months before or two months after the eclipse. A detailed horoscope will reveal just what and when is affected.

People whose names start with alphabets D, C, Ch, L should also watch out for creeping issues.

List of Eclipses during 2016 – dates may wary depending on where you are located

March 8/9 – Solar Eclipse
March 23 – Penumberal Lunar Eclipse
September 1 – Annular Solar Eclipse
September 16/17 – Penumberal Lunar Eclipse

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