Kumbh Vivah

Kumbh Vivah

Kumbh Vivah

A trick to ward off prickly relationship for girls

In Vedic Culture, a trick known as Kumbh Vivah – or marriage to Lord Vishnu is done to ward off prickly relationships or short lived relationships – this trick is for girls whose own horoscope shows troubles in marriage.

The trick itself:
A copper vessel, filled with water and a coconut placed on top is consecrated as Lord Vishnu and a Pran Pratishtha done – similar to that done on Yantras! The girl is then married to this pot – the ceremony is identical to real marriage ceremony – the ONLY difference is – after the marriage ceremony – the pot is handed over to the priest. The priest leaves this pot in a river – signifying one marriage and then end of one marriage!

For Boys the ceremony is known as Ark Vivah, where the boy is married to a thorny plant – signifying a thorny relationship. The ceremony is similar to Kumbh Vivah

The above is so very perfect, within one year from this ceremony the girl will come across another relationship which will be favorable.

So, the remedy may sound outlandish and mumbo-jumbo to a westerner, but it works perfectly!! No one has to suffer the pangs of being in a prickly and short-lived relationship, and then a divorce in courts!! Simple, isn’t it??

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