Clues to Aroma Therapy

Aroma Therapy

Clues to Aroma Therapy

People like different perfumes. Western and cosmetic industry use a different method – that of using pheromones to attract people. Vedic Astrology uses techniques which are lot different and addresses the root cause why people may come to you or what type of people can be attracted?

Vedic Astrology and my own study in perfumery points to studying Ketu [South Node’s] and Mercury’s position in a horoscope – the asterism, and the house from the Ascendant [rising sign]. A close conjunction between South Node and Mercury in a chart can give the native a heightened sense of smell. He/she will experience strange smells out of nowhere – sometimes troubling the native. Other planets like Jupiter too have a role to play. Vedic Astrology also has a list of planetary lordship of asterisms [Nakshatra]. Proper study of a horoscope will give ample hints what perfume one should use. My personal study in this subject gives ample hints how to attract the right people around you – using appropriate perfumes

Vedic Astrology uses perfumery in more ways than above – if a person is experiencing troubled dreams, hallucinations, and unknown fears – the native is advised to use incense sticks of Gugul [Commiphora wightii] – lighting up few incense sticks of Gugul at sunrise and sunset can help a lot in keeping these ailments under control! Hint: Buy loose Gugul and make small tiny balls – 108 in total. You will also need equal number of camphor tablets – normally available at shops selling Puja items. A person who is troubled by strange smells or hallucinations is requested to place one gugul ball and one camphor tablet on red hot coals. He/she may proceed to use all of the gugul balls one by one or divide this lot in two or three – but this remedy needs to be done in one day. The native can also be given a mantra to chant – but, this is subjective to his individual horoscope.

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