Zodiac Guide to Kids

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Zodiac Guide to Kids – 1

Aries: Much has been said about the energy and drive of the Arian child. Add to this that he/she can be very stubborn and, I am afraid, given to temper tantrums. I would like you to draw a firm, clear line – ‘This much and no more’ – should be the rule. This is the sign of the pioneer, and, that of the leader. Do endorse these qualities in your child. The world needs leaders. And to bend an Arian child, use love and understanding in ample measure (except where the temper tantrums are concerned). Arian by and large (I must repeat that the individual horoscope must be read) are self-willed and dynamic. And therefore it is here that motherhood comes into play. Guide him/her to use the innate dynamism constructively. If your child is a boy and likes many sports don’t dissuade him, though there will be risks of accident, especially to the head. Keep a stiff upper lip, please (I know, mothers, this can be difficult). If your child is a girl and yet exhibits tomboy qualities don’t curb it. Just note that it was what nature meant her to be.

Taurus Child: Taurus child is a plodder. Now don’t cry murder at me. This does not mean that your child is a dunce, or is incapable of imaginative flights. It only means that your dear darling will see a project through, will persevere to the bitter end. It is an admirable quality. Taureans, I have noticed over the years, combine beauty and utility to just the right proportions. This opens up many lucrative avenues say, banking, finance, architecture, painting, business, chemistry, engineering, executive posts, interior decoration, hoteliering. In fact, anything where there is a blend of the practical and the imaginative. Also, this is a sensual sign. The pleasure of the flesh (after all, we have a body) will not be denied by your child when he/she grows up. Answer questions naturally and frankly, understand that the natural sex urge is strong in your girl or boy. Also, your child will be traditionalist in the best sense of the word.

Gemini Child: He/she is quite another species. The Gemini child is far from plodding Tauran. Gemini is quicksilver, quick on the up-take, brilliant in patches. As it is the sign of twins, it is apt torun in contrary directions. The heart may want peace, the mind needs stimulation. This will help you to understand your child better, when he/she seems strange and difficult. Recognize that the child is not basically stable and secure, and needs lots of your company. Do not expect returns from your child in late life. This of course does not mean that your child is, or rather will be, ungrateful when he/she grows up. But I do want to prepare you for the fact that Geminis need external stimuli, constant change of scenery and people, parties and picnics. Your Gemini is a wanderer, the loiterer of the Zodiac. Gemini is excellent company, has both wit and humour and can more than hold his own in conversation or debate. Its natural curiosity and verve make for a high IQ, Teaching, journalism, transport, and communications, electronics, advertising are some of the natural Gemini outlets. Health usually is delicate, especially the lungs, hands and feet.

Cancer Child: he/she is a homing pigeon of the Zodiac. But here, mothers, you do run a definite risk, namely that of tying him/her to your apron strings. Cancerians can very easily develop a mother fixation with all its attendant trials and tribulations and problems of adjustment when the child reaches boyhood/girlhood. By all means give your child lots of love and attention, all children need the child but also teach it to be independent. Like Pisceans, they can be very soft, sensitive, and sentimental. This child should not be pushed around too much. Nature in all her wisdom has given it two in-built protections – tremendous tenacity and a vivid imagination. Thanks to tenacity, the Cancerian will slowly but surely surmount all obstacles. A vivid imagination helps it to withdraw into its shell and have a world of make-believe. Very fortunately, your child will have good money-sense and the ability to hold on to it and really save a pile. Teach your child to eat regularly, as the stomach is often the weak health area. Your child can be a good businessman, or an artist, an astrologer, an actor/actress, a hotelier (Cancerians love to mother people, feed them really well and make them eminently comfortable), a public relations man, a superb teacher.

Leo Child: As you are probably aware, is the Lion-brave, flamboyant and lazy. That goes for the Leo child. With the Leo child you are assured of tremendous loyalty and generosity. But what should be best for your child? Never hurt his/he ego, and please learn to keep the promises you do make to your child. While all children are naturally trusting souls, none is more so than Leo. Don’t do anything to break it, or, it might leave life-long scars. Like Aries, Leo is also a natural leader of human beings, but more magnetic and magnanimous. This trait should be brought out by you and nursed tenderly. Ask your child’s advice in little matters which he can understand, and thus develop his self-confidence and faith. Leo wins over others not so much by mental brilliance as by force of personality, Leo fights fair and square. But the heart is vulnerable – physically and otherwise. Leo shines in sports, arts, executive ability.

Virgo Child: Perhaps, we enter sacred grounds when talking of the Virgo Child as it is born under the sign of the Virgin. This is another highly susceptible sign, in the sense that it is careful cautious, prudent, methodical and analytical. A Virgo child is apt to stick to the letter more than the spirit. So, state directly and simply what you want your child to do. Your Virgo child’s natural sense of order and tidiness will assert itself when he/she grows up. In health, the stomach and the intestines are usually the two weak spots. So, teach the child dietary habits. Librarianship, secretarial work, journalism, teaching, criticism (say of literature or art), psychiatry, medicine are only a few of the typical Virgo professions or lines of work and activity. Yes, your Virgo child will be duty conscious.

Libra Child: He/she is a dimpled darling and has wicked, winning ways. This child is meant for love, harmony, beauty. Also, the IQ will be high and the personality exceptional. Therefore, it is up to you to bring out the best in this child. How to do it? This child is sensitive to beauty around it. So, encourage it to be beauty-conscious. Libra is the Scales, the Balance in nature and therefore, the chances are that your child will try to keep an even keel and course in life. It will weigh the pros and cons of a situation, a problem, with the judiciousness and the impartiality of the judge and come to an eminently sane conclusion. Yes, your child will shine as a lawyer, a teacher, an executive, an ambassador, an artist, and a mediator. There will be delicacy and finesse in all that he/she does. The back and the kidneys are usually the weak health spots. Libra however takes too much time over making decisions.

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