Case of a Mute Boy

mute boy

Case of a Mute Boy

mute child

So, what is it that encourages us to speak? The answer in Vedic Astrology is little different – Check Mercury in a horoscope, the second house therefrom is what encourages us to speak.

Additional rules –
• Can native learn how to speak? – see fourth house!
• Is he able to digest all that he hears? – see the eleventh house.
• Is he able to practice what he has learned? – see the second house!

Parents of the child referred this case when the child was almost two years old. Ascendant in this case was Taurus with Jupiter and Saturn – both retrograde. An exalted Rahu in the second, Mars in Libra, Debilitated Moon in the 7th house, Ketu in the 8th. Sun, Mercury, Gulika and Mandi are in the 9th sign – badhaka house for Taurus ascendant. Venus is in the 10th house.

Vimsottari Dasa:

Merc MD: 1996-03-04 – 2013-03-04

Antardasas in this MD:

Merc: 1996-03-04 – 1998-08-03
Ket: 1998-08-03 – 1999-07-31
Ven: 1999-07-31 – 2002-05-29
Sun: 2002-05-29 – 2003-04-04<- time when case was referred
Moon: 2003-04-04 – 2004-09-06
Mars: 2004-09-06 – 2005-09-03
Rah: 2005-09-03 – 2008-03-19
Jup: 2008-03-19 – 2010-06-27
Sat: 2010-06-27 – 2013-03-04

Sun as the Lord of 4th house is at 6 deg 27 min and Gulika is at 5 deg 4 min – a pretty close conjunction. Second from Mercury is the lagna lord himself. The child was mute as in mute – the child was struggling to force speech, but could not.

When parents approached me both Rahu and Retrograde Saturn were transiting thru Taurus. Badhakesh [Lord of Badhaka Sign] is in the ascendant. Parents were advised suitable remedies and the boy gradually developed some amount of speech six months later

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