Vehicle Ownership & Accidents

Vehicle ownership and Accidents

Vehicle Ownership and accidents:

Vedic Astrology looks at owning a vehicle and the gains – as in pleasure from a vehicle in two different angles. For example a billionaire may own more than 400 Rolls Royce cars, but none of them interests him – he finds fault with every single car he owns. He is always looking forward for a next purchase.

Quite reverse is the case with a person who owns a common street car and he is very happy with his car. So, owning a car and being satisfied or happy with a car are two different dimensions.

A third dimension is added when an owner is accident prone. Although the person may own hundreds of cars, he is accident prone himself. So, he has to hire a chauffeur OR in the worst case scenario choose to travel with in a hired cab.

I know one such case where the family was known to be cursed not to travel together, extremely wealthy family and owners of hundreds of vintage cars and tremendous wealth – if both husband and wife are required to travel – the husband will board a different flight and the wife will be on another flight. The same applied to their family members. They are never seen traveling together.

This is where the 16th divisional chart is laid importance – if the nodes afflict the 4th house in any way, the owner is accident prone!!

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