Can I learn Astrology?


Can I learn Astrology?

People at random ask me if they can learn astrology? To which I raise a query based on their own horoscope to confirm a rule. I will share this rule below –

I will mention one rule for being an Astrologer or the knowledge thereof – this again is a principle from Vedic Astrology. In Vedic astrology the count begins from the house itself. So, if you have Libra rising, the second house will be Scorpio – had to mention this because many get confused over information shared by Vedic Astrologers and interpreted by Western counterparts. Ok, enough of this, the rule is mentioned below –

Check the 9th house, and its lord – look at the house and zodiac sign where it is placed? For the above example with Libra rising, the 9th house will be Gemini – if Mercury is in the 5th house [again an example]. The person has to loose all/some significations of the 5th house [Aquarius] and ONLY then he gains knowledge of Astrology. In this case the loss will be either death of the father of the person. The 5th house is 8th from the 10th house [father]

A price has to be paid to gain knowledge about Astrology. Now, I want you to check all horoscopes of astrologers and discover what they had to give up? Or what kind of loss they experienced?

When I raise a query and they did not experience any loss – the answer is pretty simple – they CANNOT gain knowledge of Astrology. Interested they may be, but the REAL and in-depth knowledge will evade them.

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  1. Hello, congratulations on your blog! All you’ve shared up to now is very interesting. I wander about my self what is the price I have to pay to gain knowledge about Astrology. I have a Cancer Ascendent with 9th house Lord Jupiter retrograde in 1st house. Would you please give me an idea about that? Thank you!


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