Nine Months of Pregnancy

Nine months of Pregnancy

Nine Months of Pregnancy and Vedic Astrology View

Allopathic medicine considers pregnancy (called gestation) to last 40 weeks (280 days) but this is counted from the last menstruation. Conception is possible about two weeks after menstruation- which makes actual pregnancy about 38 weeks (266 days). Vedic Astrology uses the Sidereal Lunar Calendar and considers 273 days as gestation period.

  1. The First Month of Pregnancy where Conception takes place is given rulership of Venus. This is where sperm and ovum mix and grow at a very rapid rate. No, differentiation exists – that is cells do not demarcate themselves into future organs
  2. The Second Month of Pregnancy – Mars is given rulership of this month. This is where the growing embryo is now a solid mass of cells. Size also increases from a mass of cells into a kidney-bean structure
  3. The Third Month of Pregnancy – this is where Jupiter is given rulership. This month is also known as Ankura where tiny winy limbs begin taking shape. Internal organs too begin taking shape
  4. The Fourth Month of Pregnancy – Sun is given rulership over this month – this is where bone formation takes place, teeth buds start appearing, limbs are now in proportion to the body. The tiny heart now starts beating.
  5. The Fifth Month of Pregnancy – Moon is given rulership of this month and the skin begins developing, sensory faculties develop and the growing baby has now sensory perception of its surroundings.
  6. The Sixth Month of Pregnancy – Saturn is given rulership over this month and this is where hair follicles and nails begin appearing. This is where the baby swallows amniotic fluid and exercises its digestive tract and lungs.
  7. The Seventh Month of Pregnancy – Mercury is given rulership of this month and the baby is now fully aware of its surroundings, brain quickly develops at this time. The baby can feel pain and joy.
  8. The Eight Month of Pregnancy – this month mother’s own horoscope matters and her ascendant lord takes rulership of this month – mom eats more, in accordance to growing fetus. This is where body fat in baby develops.
  9. The Ninth of Pregnancy – Moon once again gains ownership of this month. The baby can be felt to be moving around and its feet too start kicking – sometimes all too visible on mom’s belly. The Baby now desires to leave the womb
  10. The Tenth Month – is where delivery results in birth of baby.

If mother’s own horoscope has planets in malefic combination or compromised in
anyway, the baby does not develop well and all sorts of illnesses are observed, even birth at pre-term or a miscarriage.

In case of miscarriage – suitable remedies are done [based once again of mother’s own horoscope] and the baby can grow.

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