Sri Chakra

Sri Chakra

Sri Chakra or SriYantra – how many of you have heard about this Yantra or read about it?? Here is how it is worshiped

Khadagmala Meditation

The Khadgamala (Khaḍgamālā, Sanskrit: खड्गमाला, “Garland of the Sword”) is an invocational mantra that names each of the Devi Hindu goddesses according to their place in the Sri Yantra or in the Maha Meru. This list of divine names is described poetically as a “garland” (Sanskrit: mālā). The sword (Sanskrit: khaḍga) is an epithet for the Devi’s “power to strike down desire, hatred, and delusion”.

This recitation of mantra is a spiritual practice of Hindu tantra.

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