Nakshatra Series – 4

Nakshatra Series

Nakshatra Series – Satbhishaj or Satbhisha

Shatabhisha, the apex of Rahu’s functioning, is represented in the celestial firmament by a faint group of stars in the heart of the constellation of Aquarius. The ancients designated a hundred among these faint group of stars as belonging to this asterism. The brightest among this group with a visual magnitude of only 3.85, is a star known in modern astronomy as Gamma-Aquarii (Sadachbia).

Despite its faintness, the general location of this asterism can be gauged by its neighboring bright star, Alpha-Aquarii (Sadalnelik). Sadachbia lies slightly above on the left hand side of this bright star

Tip as far illness is concerned: Satabhisha controls electrical impulses in the body, especially the Vagus Nerve which controls the rhythm of heart. Any affliction noted in this asterism manifests in a person which can suffer from irregular heart beat. If it is really bad, the person may require a pace maker

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