Nakshatra Series – 3

Nakshatra Series

Nakshatra Series – Ashlesha or Asresha

Ashlesha, the heralder of Mercurial energy, is represented in the nightsky by a ring of stars in the constelfation of Hydra, known in modern astronomy as Epsilon-Hydrae, Delta-Hydne, Rho-Hydrae, Sigma-Hydrae & Zeta-Hydrae. These stars are easily visible in a dark sky from pollution free vantage point seven though they are not bright stars, as the brightest among them, Zeta Hydrae has a visual magnitude of 3.12. In essence the whole of the constellation Hydrae can be seen to be representative of this asterism

Ashlesha is a term normally associated with serpent imagery and can be translated as “coiling”, “clinging”, “embracing” or “entwining”. As we shall discover, all these terms directly define its nature and functioning. The name is probably derived from the serpent king/god “Shesha”.

Tip: This is one Nakshatra among Gandanta Nakshatra. Marriage or Matrimony for this person is extremely difficult or he/she will make it difficult for others and own family. If a girl is born with Moon in Ashlesha, it is simply difficult to get her married or evict from her family surroundings – as we Indian say Gale ka saamp – if a serpent decides to coil around your neck, by all means it will coil in ever increasing grip and strangle a person!!

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