Swastika & Suawastika


Swastika and Suawastika –

Many may not have heard about the other. Swastika was and is still a Hindu Symbol denoting Ganesha in simple art form. Swastika is the one which faces right hand side. This symbol is first hand drawn before any Puja or worship begins in every Hindu Household.

Suawastika – is identical to Swastika, but the arms are pointed towards left hand side and is Tantrik symbol of Goddess Kali in its most esoteric form.


Buddhism and Hinduism:
Both the right-facing and left-facing variants are employed in Hinduism and Buddhism; however, the left-facing is more commonly used in Buddhism than Hinduism and the right-facing is more commonly used in Hinduism than Buddhism.

In Buddhism the left-facing sauwastika imprinted on the chest, feet, palms of Buddha and also the first of the 65 auspicious symbols on the footprint of the Buddha. In Hinduism the left-facing sauwastika is associated with esoteric tantric practices and often stands for Goddess Kali.

There is yet another version of Swastik – and this was used by Late Hitler and this has nothing to do with the one used by Hindus or Vedic religion

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