Kids and Learning Abilities

Kids and learning abilities

Kids and Learning Abilities –

I am mentioning few general rules to judge Learning Abilities in Kids. A study of individual horoscope can reveal more clues.

If Mercury is debilitated [Mercury in the sign of Pisces], kids have difficulty in learning. Same rule applies when Mercury is combust [Mercury and Sun in tight conjunction] Sun and Moon

If nodes afflict Sun and Moon or either of them, learning becomes an excruciatingly lengthy affair and with frequent breaks in education

Mars rules discipline. If Mars is afflicted, combust or debilitated – the child will be want of discipline.

Saturn is all about hard work or repetitive tasks – as in learning to draw or write at initial stages. The same lax attitude will be observed when doing repetitive tasks at office or professional area.

Its role is all about vision as far as education is concerned. If Venus is afflicted, debilitated or combust – the child will experience difficulties doing observations – as in doing practicals or applied knowledge

Will be mentioning more rules later when I mention about Autism

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