Nakshatra Series – 2

Nakshatra Series

Nakshatra Series – Krittika

Krittika, the seed of solar energy, is represented in the celestial firmament by a well known group of seven bright stars huddled together in the star cluster of Pleiades. The ancient Vedic seers saw these seven stars as forming a necklace and attached immense importance to their role in gafactic affairs.

These stars are known in modern astronomy as 27-Tauri (Atlas), Eta-Tauri (Alqone), 23-Tauri (Merope), t7-Tauri (Electra), 29-Tauri (Pleione), l9-Tauri (Taygeta) & 2l-Tauri (Maia). Alcyone is the brightest among this group, with a visual magnitude of 2.88. These stars are very easily visible in the night sky because of their close proximity to each other. In fact they standout in the night sky more than any other object because of this uniqueness. In order to locate these stars in the night sky, one has to focus in the region to the right of the the bright star Alpha-Tauri (Aldebaran, belonging to the next asterism, Rohini).

“Krittika” translates simply into “The One Who Cuts” or in plural sense “The Cutters”. This simple, direct and straght forward name is very much in keeping with the essential quality of this asterism. ‘The Cutters” here relates to a feminine aspect rather than a male aspect and as we shall discover later, this asterismis related to the ‘seven Krittikas’ (or the seven wives) of the seven main sages looking after the affairs of our galaxy.
Hint: This is where Fixed Star Algol is located. Not only the point where Algol is located, but diagonally opposite in Scorpio is equally important. Accidents, calamities are known to occur when this Asterism is involved.

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