Nakshatra Series – 1

Nakshatra Series

Nakshatra Series – Magha – The Royal Nakshatra

Magha, the brightest and largest amongst nakshatras, is represented in the night sky by a sickle-shaped group of stars in front of the royal constellation of Leo. The brightest among these is Regulus or Alpha-Leonts. With a visual magnitude of 1.41, it is one of the brightest stars in the night sky and is also known as the “Little King” or the “LittleSun”. Its companions, which comprise the rest of the constellation, lie above it and are known in modern astronomy as EE-Lnnis (AlJabhah), Zeb-Leonis (Adhafera), Mu-Lanis (Raalas), Epsilon-Leonis, Lambda-Leonis (Alterf) & Kappa-Lonis.

Ancient Vedic seers saw this constellation as a throne while other cultures saw it as a lion. Magha translates into “mighty”, “the beneficent”, “the great”, “the magnificent”, “the most important” or “the bountiful”. This translation immediately evokes a variety of meanings and feelings and as we shall see this nakshatra is true to its name.

Magha’s main symbol is a ‘throne’. As a matter of detail one can say it is a ‘royal chamber with a throne’. This symbolism immediately conjures up a picture of royalty, power, status, honour and the like. We can see that all these interpretations live up to the meanings, evoked by the name of this nakshatra.

However the bottom line of this symbolism lies in one word – “achievement”. After the struggles and tribulations of Ashlesha (previous nakshatra), it is now time for reaping rewards. In the material realm, Magha bestows this reward on natives under its influence through power, position, authority; and in the higher aspect, through self knowledge.

In many cases Magha can bestow all of this as a result purely through hereditary means or some sort of succession. In ancient times it was implicit that the son of the king will be king and the son of a barber will be a barber. Even though things appear different today, they are still pretty much the same if one looks at the full picture.

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