Medical Astrology – 1

Medical Astrology

Yours truly has spent over 15 years researching this topic with help of Doctors and their patients who were willing to share their birth data and family history. Beginning with this post, I will be posting information culled from my forthcoming book on Medical Astrology.

Deficient Lactation after childbirth
Prolactin disorders, Let Down Reflex disorder –
Moon without any aspect, hence nurturing and lactation is inhibited or not regulated in relation to the physiology of the other planets.
Note: Moon’s Asterism [Nakshatra] plays an important role here and decides quantum of problem
Thyroid stimulating hormone
Look at Mercury and Moon problems. When excessive TSH with hypothyroidism, consider excessive Mercury action. When deficient TSH with hyperthyroidism consider suppressed Mercury activity.

Inflammation of lymph (lymphangitis) often due to trauma, parasites, related to Mars and Moon problems.

Lymph disorders
Blocked lymph flow (such as elephantiasis, post-radiotherapy fibrosis, lymph node resection lymphedema) from problems between Saturn and Moon.

Surgery and relation to Moon:
The Full Moon especially has a profound effect on surgery, bleeding, healing and prognosis. Surgery near and during the Full Moon tend to incur complications.

LH/FSH in relation to Ovarian dysfunction
LH/FSH with ovarian dysfunction and sacral chakra disorders. Look at the Venus relationship to the Moon in a horoscope

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