Fundamentals – 1

Jyotish FundamentalsFundamentals of Vedic Astrology

I should have posted these earlier, but, it is never too late to introduce some basic fundamentals in Astrology. To begin with here are some inputs on planets themselves –

Signs are owned by planets, and hence in the table we give the Lords of the Signs. The planets have natures, as we’ve already shown to some degree, and these natures are reflected in their signs. Most of the planets rule two signs, and in those cases the qualities of the planet are somewhat split between the two signs. It’s the Sun and Moon who each rule only sign one, and the rest rule two signs each and in a certain order. So, here’s another way of viewing the Zodiac, one where the “Kind and Queen” are at the top, and the rest in order by house:

  1. Leo ruled by Sun – the King, Cancer ruled by Moon – the Queen
  2. Virgo, Gemini – Mercury ruled
  3. Libra, Taurus – Venus ruled
  4. Scorpio, Aries – Mars ruled
  5. Sagittarius, Pisces – Jupiter ruled
  6. Capricorn, Aquarius – Saturn ruled

In the above diagram, the King Sign Leo (Simha, Leo, means Lion) is on His own right side, and the Queen Sign Cancer is on His left. The signs on “her side” of the Zodiac are listed on Her side (Gemini to Aquarius) and the signs on His side of the Zodiac are listed under Him (Virgo to Capricorn).

Notice the top two, Virgo and Gemini, are ruled by Mercury, the next two by Venus, and so on. This is the order of the planets by orbit moving out from the Sun.

Mercury orbits close to the Sun, because as the Prince, Mercury must remain close to the Power Center, otherwise he’s likely to be kidnapped, because you know how scoundrels like to kidnap the children of the rich and famous, and Mercury, he’s so gullible anyway.

Venus needs to be close to the Power also because without light, who cares what she looks like- nobody can see who’s beautiful in the dark. So, She, Venus, needs the light of the Sun to be seen. Also, beauty and pleasures need support- they are not independently wealthy. In fact, indulgences tend to decrease wealth. Prostitutes work for money, not charity. The arts are the pastimes of the rich and powerful. Low, hard working, poor people barely have time or money for fancy Venusian things like nice clothes, nice cars, jewelry, perfumes, hairstyles, and so on. So, where we find mundane Power, and where we find the mundane Center, there we will find a greater degree of Venus as well. Venus clings to the Central Powers of this material plain.

Next comes Mars. Mars also needs the Sun and is dependent upon the Sun for His life. For example, militias need the funding of their governments to exist. Also, when a soldier kills an enemy, he’s a hero. But if the same soldier kills a civilian (like the famous Timothy McVeigh example) then he is an outlaw. So, Mars derives his dispensation as the Commander in Chief from the Sun, who as the King gives Mars his importance. Without this blessing, Mars’s “thug qualities” or “get it done” abilities become misled easily. Mars follows orders and does heavy things for the cause of whoever is giving the orders. Soldiers who fight in battle are similar in that they are all soldiers, by they are separated by the ideals that drive their commanders or countries. Mars by nature is a follower of Power, and so he is close to the Sun, after the Young Prince and the Young Lady of course, being a chivalrous gentleman who lets “children go ahead”.

Next comes Jupiter. Now Jupiter and Saturn are “way out there” in terms of being quite a distance from the Sun. Jupiter doesn’t need the Sun. The classical Vedic Guru, while he may live in the palace of the King, is never under the King. If the King betrays his Guru, the Guru leaves, and no soldier will ever arrest the Guru, and by no means ever would a soldier (a Ksatriya) kill or in any way give trouble to the Guru of the king, or any Brahmin for that matter. In classical Vedic literature, many stories are told of what great lengths Kings went to in order to satisfy and please the Brahmin class, and especially the leading Brahmins, who if they could, they tried to persuade through humbly submitting themselves to come live with them as advisors. Kings know that good advisors are the key to remaining in power. Guru’s, or real Brahmins, know what is what and who is who, and by using astrology and other means of divination, they can often know what is coming. Not caring for the Spiritual implications of such things, the Kings are simply concerned at harnessing such powers for themselves, to fortify their materially lucrative positions as Kings. But, the Brahmins are very standoffish. They help righteous Kings not because they like the Kings so much themselves, but because the people in general, and all the creatures of the land, will be better served if a righteous King is in power. If a bad King is in control, then everyone suffers. Caring for the welfare of all, the Righteous Brahmins help the Righteous Kings to gain and keep power. The evil minded Brahmins help the evil minded Kings, and together these two dacoits team up and scheme it up. So, Jupiter stands far away, because the principles He adheres to personally, and likes to teach, are based on Dharma or higher principle, which doesn’t care for the desires of any particular King or anybody else. In the eyes of Higher Dharma, a King is just a soul, like everyone else. The real Guru, like Brhaspati, is bowed to by all great Kings and DemiGods, and never the reverse. However, Jupiter does appreciate the way the Sun gets things done. Like ‘em or not, Kings have power, and Jupiter recognizes this. Since Jupiter is also a male planet by behavior, and a grandiose thinker too, He likes to team up with the King to get things done in the Kingdom. So, Jupiter and the Sun are friends.

Saturn stands very far away from the Sun. This is because He rules the dirty and low, and the workers. The King does like to see these people because they are doing all the hard work of His many commands. They don’t get paid much, and they’re lives are pretty humble, possibly even miserable. For where there is material light, there must be material darkness. The kind of Light the Sun advocates is the kind where He is the center. Spiritual light emanates independently from each object in the Spiritual World, but here, the Sun is in the Center. This mandates that their must be those who are “far from the center in the darkness of the outer regions”, and this is Saturn, and the people Saturn rules.

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