Transit Moon and its effects

Moon Phase and mood

Transit Moon and its Effects

Ever wondered why just some people experience moon’s phases with severity, especially Full Moon? Some people are mighty disturbed, while many do not experience anything. Why will that be so?

According to Vedic Astrology if a person has nodes in a house and transit Full Moon happens in the same house or adjacent to it – the person experiences strange dreams, vivid dreams and some of them will be disturbing.

The same will be true where Badhaka is located in a chart. What is a Badhaka? Badhaka is nothing but a planet responsible for obstacles, and karmic effects – which a person experiences in life.

Girls are more affected than men!

If transit Full Moon happens in the same sign as the Badhaka, it CAN really turn matters totally upside down and sometimes trigger serious health issues. [Yours truly lost his mother during such a transit]

I will be posting about Badhaka in another post.

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