Shopkeeper with Natraj Idol

shopkeeper with w n idol

Shop keeper with wrong Natraj Idol:

One fine day an antique dealer called up, his business was flourishing a few weeks back and his query was related to Vaastu of his shop and sudden fall in business.

I inquired whether he had done some recent changes with his shop’s decor?? He replied back mentioning that except for few statues being added on sale, otherwise no changes were done.

Preferred Natraj Idol


I visited his shop and as I was looking through his collection of new idols, I discovered that ONE such idol was different. Normally a Natraj Statue has Lord Shiva dancing with his left leg in the air and pointing at the right hand side – this is perfectly ok, it signifies CREATION and dance. The other was quite rare and it had Lord Shiva with his right leg in the air and pointing towards left – this signifies DISSOLUTION & DESTRUCTION.

Natraj Idol signifying Dissolution – hence not preferred!


Further inquiry revealed that another art dealer who business was under ruination and selling off his assets, had given this idol to my client as a gift.

Simple advice was to leave the idol at a temple along with some donations. Gradually his business returned to normalcy in two months time.

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