Secrets to Marital Bonding

Secrets to Matiral BondingWhy a couple considers Marital Bond?

Couple meets, greets each other – falls in love, start staying together – not very surprisingly each discover strange truths (later) why the other half was attracted? Sometimes it is all too very strange to discover that all that a partner is interested in property a person owns? Luxuries? Status?

Is it possible to know what the other half is interested before getting hitched? Vedic Astrology has the perfect answer. To discover/judge we need horoscope of both girl and boy

Below are charts of a couple and the girl married the boy just because she envied his father’s status in society and wealth associated with it.

Girl’s Chart – Upa Pada Lagna or UL is in the 8th sign of Cancer, Moon as the Lord of Cancer is in the sign of Capricorn – to know what interested the girl – we look at the same sign in Boy’s horoscope


Boy’s Chart – Capricorn is the 5th sign in his chart. We have A9 and SL in the same sign – A9 is the image of the 9th house related to father and SL is Sri Lagna – a point calculated to see blessings of the Wealth Goddess – Lakshmi – so, the girl was interested in wealth and status of the boy’s father. The boy’s father was at the top most position in police department at state level


What about the boy?

UL in his chart is in the sign of Sagittarius – Jupiter as the lord of Sagittatius is in the sign of Cancer. We look at Cancer in girl’s chart – Cancer in the girl’s chart has nothing but UL, so, the boy was interested in the girl and her caring nature.

Isn’t this amazing?? Vedic Astrology can really spill the beans

Above charts were referred to me when the couple was close to divorce. When confronted with the truth, the couple admitted to what was revealed by their individual charts.

Advice given to boy: Get a job abroad where he can earn good salary. The couple is happily married, have a child and now have a house of their own

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