Guide to the Man in Your Life

Man in your life

Aries: Aries man is usually selfish and lustful. In any relationship with an Arian, be prepared to give more than you take. Fan his ego constantly. This guy believe he rules the world. He can have childish tantrums. Ignore it firmly but politely till be cools down. Then he is all yours!

Taurus: Taurus man needs creature comforts, if you have to get the maximum out of him sexually and otherwise. Don’t push him around with too many dazzling ideas. He believes in playing it steady and safe, and may, therefore run into the arms of the first woman he meets – and he will meet plenty. Sexually, Taurus is satisfying. He can be generous.

Gemini: He must be stimulated at all levels. The popular impression is that he is brainy, flighty, and sharp. But he is capable of loyalty if you are ready to be on the go, match his wits and talk. Sex is often a projection of his mental images. Keep yourself trim, smart and always dolled up. Be gay and cheerful. He will fall for it!

Cancer: He is a queer fish. The old proverb – feed the brute – is true for him! Be homely, motherly without nagging too much. Love him, love his family too. A tall order? I grant. But that’s the way the wind blows for him. Yet the Cancer can be responsive to a kindness, a word of cheer and encouragement. There will be something fatherly and tender in his caresses. Very protective is this man. And sensitive. So, now you know what you may expect and give. Cancerians do need tons of security.

Leo: He must have his place in the Sun – dead centre? He is conscious of his charm and magnetism, and these are considerable. Sexually, he is powerful and vigorous. A great and delightful lover, he will hold court like Kings of the old, and make you his queen. Interested? Just note that, at heart, for his all his dramatics, he is conservative.

Virgo: He is orderly, prim and proper, and that extends to his sex and human relationship. A sudden spurt of raw, naked emotion could upset him, break his life-rhythm. Virgo can love at white-heat, but everything must be just right and proper, neat and clean. He is fastidious

Libra: He needs companionship, style, élan and harmonious surroundings. Sex to him is only a part of fine, subtle, artistic, beautiful relationship and tie. Provide him with it and he will make a good mate. At times, he can be very objective and hesitate in important matters. Help him to decide gently. It will help.

Scorpio: I assure you, needs no help! A master of love act and romance, he understands the inner needs of a woman instinctively. Like the scorpion he has a sting – he can be jealous, revengeful, secretive. Scorpio is over-sexed and you better get set to satisfy him. If he acts mysterious and profound, don’t let it upset you too much. He will come down to earth if left to himself.

Sagittarius: He takes sex to be fun. He is blunt, outspoken, dearly loves debates and arguments. Go along with him part of the way and make him feel that he has won it! Yes, he is affectionate and free with his heart and money. Many Sagittarians are good clowns as well as philosophers! Travelling about helps them overcome their restlessness. From time to time, his sexual appetite will be gigantic. The guy has a roving eye!

Capricorn: He can be difficult in human affairs. He means well but does not like to make an exhibition of his feelings. He is steady, a good and able provider, but not very romantic and sentimental. I would say that he is no-nonsense type. As a sexual partner he can be aggressive in bits and patches. Too many womanly demands for attention should be made on him while he is hard at work. He will react strongly. Yes, Capricorns are slightly inhibited and quiet. Accept it.

Aquarius: He is unpredictable in love and sex. But he likes to be off-beat, the unconventional, the erratic, in life and love! He has a sure sense of humour and is whimsy. He is very human and falls easily to a bait. So, dangle it! But it will be hard for him to stay hooked. Change your womanly wiles and put on your charm constantly if you want him for keeps.

Pisces: He needs imaginative handling, firmness and understanding in just the right degree and measure. He can be chaotic, impressionable, and sensitive. But he desires the flesh too. Get him into a suitable mood – he is artistic, musical, reacts well to a happy atmosphere. Then you can do with whatever you like. Drugs and stimulants do set him for a bout of pleasure and fun. If you use it as a weapon, better watch out for sparks to fly!

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